Monarchs, who died absurd death

• Monarchs, who died absurd death

Darwin Award is not usually given retroactively, and because it could make many stories characters. Kings, kings, dukes and emperors largely died on the battlefields of the disease and during revolutions, but some managed to die a strange and meaningless way.

Monarchs, who died absurd death Monarchs, who died absurd death

Philip III, a portrait by an unknown artist

Spanish King Philip III loved order and discipline than that, it is quite possible and brought the country to decline and almost total loss of political influence. He suffered superstitious, fond of luxury and did not want to know that the country is impoverished, and the royal family debts and the country grow. However, when the still learned quickly found guilty: first expelled from the country all the Moriscos - industrious and wealthy Spaniards of Arab origin, then - all Roma. At the same time he issued a memorandum about the importance of blood purity.

As for the habits of everyday life, His Majesty create complex court etiquette and steadily watched his execution. According to them, the same established rules, the king had no right to even pour yourself a glass of wine - it should have been done specifically designated person.

According to the memoirs of the court of Marshal Bassompierre, Philip III once fallen asleep, sitting in a chair by the fireplace (and probably a lot before drinking, or further explain). Chair caught fire from a random sparks, and the courtiers rushed to look for giants entitled to move the seat of the king. While looking, push has become nothing and nobody. At the time of the death of Philip III was 43 years old.

Monarchs, who died absurd death

The eighth of the kings of France named Karl

French King Charles VIII of the Valois dynasty came to the throne at the age of thirteen. Cute boy obeyed older sister Anna de Bozho that was with him as regent, and no one is molested. From time to time taken to someone to fight, according to the customs of his time. But that's not why he died.

When he was almost thirty-year man, Karl whether for distraction, either by shortsightedness did not notice on your way low doorframe, he crashed into his brow at full speed, fell into a coma and died.

That is, you know, around all died of the plague - for example, a faithful servant of Charles Duke of Montpensier - and he went and crashed into a jamb.

Monarchs, who died absurd death

George Washington, the first US president

Not a king, of course, but also an outstanding governor. The first US President George Washington in his 67 years has been strong and ruddy man. But it has managed to get under the snow and rain, change into dry clothes, he did not, and eventually caught a cold. Worrying about the health of the president, close to call the doctor for the doctor. Each of the doctors immediately released to the president a little blood - in those days it was considered bleeding almost universal means of treatment. At a regular physician in the blood is over the president, and he died.

And would have given Washington normally cheer, prochihalsya would again sat for government securities.

Monarchs, who died absurd death

Greek King Alexander I and his wife Greek King Alexander I was, like many kings of Europe, of German origin. Not surprisingly, during the First World War, he was pro-German position. However, no one cared. The real power of the king was not in Greece.

Perhaps out of a sense of protest, Alexander married Aspasia Manos, a simple colonel's daughter. The wedding caused a scandal, but in the end the Greeks resigned.

A 27-year-old handsome king in a year after the wedding, was walking with her sheepdog in the palace garden. The dog was attacked by one of the macaques living in the garden. It began bickering. King rushed to separate the animals and monkey bitten through his leg.

Because the macaque teeth were sterile, but the wound is not treated properly, Alexander died at the end of sepsis. Especially stupid that it could save by simply amputating his leg began to rot. But neither Greek physician did not want to go down in history as the man sawed off his leg to the king, so that history as a victim of a sting manual macaque entered the king personally.

Monarchs, who died absurd death

Frederick Barbarossa was the legendary king

Legendary German king and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had died quite suddenly and at the zenith of his fame.

In its almost 70 when Barbarossa went on the Crusade, he was a strong man, in all relevant image perfect knight: a pleasant conversation in a cruel policy, generous after the battle. Behind him, there was, perhaps, the most powerful army in Europe. On the way from Byzantium to Palestine on the army of the emperor attacked Muslim cavalry and his pretty shabby. Barbarossa is only provoke and he moved forward more decisively.

The way his army blocked the rough mountain river. Approximate king offered to circumvent a dangerous place, having found a ford or bridge, but Barbarossa insisted that it is necessary to cross the river immediately on horseback.

After a bitter dispute, he decided to set an example personally and directly in the Shell, right on the knightly horse (probably also in the armor) rushed into the river. And this abyss engulfed him in an instant.

Monarchs, who died absurd death

The kind and cheerful King of Aragon

King of Aragon, Martin the Humane was, apparently, very giggly person. Although no historical evidence for this is not, but it is believed that the king died of laughter and gluttony. When he was approached by a jester and said he saw hanging in a vineyard, like a thief, up tail deer, Martin could not resist and began to laugh. Unfortunately, he just ate a whole goose (it's quite a big bird even nipped and Fried form). King stomach could not stand the test simultaneously the goose and laughter and literally burst. Humane king died.