Rules of Life 19-year-old Bitcoin Millionaire

• Rules of Life 19-year-old Bitcoin Millionaire

Rules of Life 19-year-old Bitcoin Millionaire

Erik Finman was born and raised in Idaho from the rich and received an excellent education of parents, who are desperately dreaming that his son will repeat the fate of their trustworthiness. However, Eric, while still in high school, I realized that college was not for him. Desperate parents concluded with his son bet - if he can become a millionaire before the 18th birthday, he can not go to college.

It may seem that to win an argument boy was simply impossible. However, in 13 years, Eric grandmother gave one thousand dollars. And he bought 100 Bitcoins. Eighteen months later he sold his savings, earned a hundred thousand dollars, and opened its first startup. Now Finman is engaged in manufacture of virtual reality helmets.

Since then, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, and 19-year-old Erik Finman won six million dollars.

Despite the fact that the price of cryptocurrency in the last few weeks, jumping, Mr. Finman makes bold statements about the doubting: "If you do not become a millionaire in the next ten years, it's your fault." Impermanence cryptocurrency course, coupled with the widespread lack of understanding of the market led to the fact that many financial experts advise people not to get involved in it.

However, the 19-year-old Erik Finman, budding technology specialist and an expert on cryptocurrency not agree with them. And we believe that everything and everybody must invest.

"I believe in cryptocurrency, and on the road to success are always ups and downs."

"I have lots of friends and fans, who are praying for the fall course. Because they want to buy cryptocurrency, but they believe that the price is too high. "

"The biggest mistake you can make - is to enter the market by selling all their Bitcoins due to regress."

Young and rich, Eric is not shy about his success and money, laying out the appropriate photos to Instagram, where he has more than 10 thousand subscribers.