"Kiss of death", or as a simple act of love can deprive a person of life? Part 1

What could be better than kissing a loved one? Most likely, only sex with him. Kissing can be not only magical, but at times uncomfortable, but also very unpleasant (it looking to someone kissing).

But in any case, to kiss someone - this is harmless in most cases. So what are those of the "kiss of death"? Today we will tell you a few real cases, the characters of which fatally hit by a kiss.

Miriam Dukre-Lemay

In October 2012, twenty-Dukre Myriam LeMay decided to attend a party with her new lover. The pair had a great time and closer to two o'clock in the morning was already at home. When they had already gone to bed, the girl's boyfriend decided to kiss her for the night, and when he did, he realized that his lover was drastically wrong. Miriam began to choke and clutch at his chest. It turned out that the boyfriend of the girl before kissing her, ate a sandwich with peanut butter and not brushed my teeth. He had no idea that his beloved severe allergy to peanuts.

was not serviceable inhaler as well as special-tube EpiPen syringe in her apartment. Boyfriend of the girl immediately called an ambulance, which arrived at their home for eight minutes. Despite the fact that the medical team very quickly got into the apartment, Miriam Dukre-Lemay died as a result of lack of oxygen to the brain. Mama Miriam after her daughter's death, she is actively engaged in volunteering and calls on those who have allergies, wear a special bracelet Medic Alert, and ampin EpiPen.

Marian encrypts

July 10, 2017 Nicole pair Kilpatrick and Shane encrypts decided to link their fate by marriage. It was a special time for both of them, because just nine days ago, the couple had a beautiful daughter who was named Mariana. But just a few hours after the triumph of the parents noticed that their baby does not wake up. After a while, she stopped breathing. Baby immediately sent to the children's hospital at the University of Iowa, where she was placed in intensive care.

Unfortunately, the fledgling Mariana immune system was too weak to protect her, and she died eight days later. Marian was diagnosed with meningitis, HSV-1. This form of viral meningitis, which occurs as a result of infection with herpes simplex. Her parents have been tested and it was found that the virus did not come from them. It is believed that Mariana caught a virus when it kissed the carrier of the virus. Herpes can live in the body of a man, even if he does not have the characteristic sores on the lips. That less, Nicole says that she and her husband do not want to know who was really guilty of this "deadly kiss". Moreover, it would not be desirable at all aware of this.

Jemma Benjamin

April 30, 2009 18-year-old Jemma Benjamin spent your day-to books, preparing for a very important exam in French. When the training was over, she decided to meet with her lover Daniel Ross. The couple met on the street and went to the familiar cafes. When they came out, they Gemma decided to visit the apartment of her boyfriend. But before we go into it, Daniel kissed his sweetheart. Ross decided to show the apartment, and when she sat on the sofa in the living room, he realized that something was wrong.

Gemma sharply started to get sleepy, and, after a few moments out of her mouth started frothing. An ambulance had to be called twice before it finally came after 20 minutes. By the arrival of doctors girl was already dead. the autopsy was conducted, which found that Jemma Benjamin died of sudden death syndrome in adults. Despite this, it has been investigated in relation to the ambulance service, which is too long went to the house of Daniel Ross, but the medical examiner has made a statement saying that even if an ambulance arrived in time to save a young girl was impossible. Since then, her father opened a special fund, which is designed to help identify early heart problems in young people. While the kiss did not cause the immediate death of the girl, because of the patient's heart the first kiss of her life with her lover became her well and last.

Anthony Powell

Melissa Anne Blair and Anthony Powell met when the woman's husband, a former prisoner, received a letter from his old cellmate Powell, who was serving a life sentence for the murder of his mother in law. Instead of her husband's letter said she Melissa, and the couple began to actively correspond with that, ultimately, it was the beginning of a romantic relationship. June 2, 2016 Blair went to Powell in prison, where during a visit they kissed.

A few hours later, Powell was dead. During a kiss Blair Powell gave seven balls, which contained methamphetamine. Two of them exploded in the stomach and killed him Anthony. While Blair and Powell were found guilty of his death equally, Blair has not been charged with manslaughter. That less, a woman was sentenced to two years in prison for drug offenses.