Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

• The rich heirs: from wealthy families celebrity

These guys just made yourself. Almost. Our heroes - states successors, and their success in the entertainment business should support the wealthy and influential fathers.

Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

Emin, 38

Father: the owner of Crocus Group Group Araz Agalarov Iskender oglu

Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

Father's Artist Araz Agalarov - one of Russia's richest men. Of course, Emin inherited the family business, and now he holds the post of first vice-president of Crocus Group ( "Crocus City", the VEGAS TRC, "Your house," Metro "Myakinino" and housing).

Emin graduated from high school in Switzerland, after - college in the United States and then returned to Moscow to work in his father's company. But serious cases is not a reason to step on the throat of his own song.

Since childhood Agalarov Jr. imitated Elvis Presley and dreamed of the stage. At age 18, he first tried his hand at American show Open Mic Night, and in 2006 released a solo album Still.

Agalarov Sr. did not understand the fascination with his son, but was willing to support him.

"He was ready to take any of my choices, but I would do business and achieve success," - says Emin.

Success, Emin, as we know, has achieved. Appeared as a guest on "Eurovision 2012" in Baku, has released 13 albums, he organized the "Heat" music festival.

"I'm not doing it for self-affirmation. I truly enjoy what I sing, "- says the singer and entrepreneur.

Timothy, 34 years old

Father: investor Ildar Yunusov

Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

Timur Yunusov was born in the family of a businessman Ildar Yunusov, human non-public and even secretive. According to rumors, his business is related to oil. They also say that Yunusov Sr. owns several restaurants. Mom musician Simon Yunusov engaged in farming and raising his granddaughter Alice. Simon is much more open than her husband seriously. She leads Instagram and communicate with fans of his son. At age 13 his parents sent Timur in the United States to study. But rather than sit on textbooks, Timothy became interested in hip-hop. Returning home, he created the VIP77 group and began performing with Decl. Timur gave up his studies at the Higher School of Economics and started organizing parties in Moscow.

In 20 years, in 2004, together with Dominic Joker, Ratmir Shishkov and Nastya Kochetkova Timothy was casting for the "American Idol", where their group "Banda" was born. Then we know the story.

Entrepreneurial talent helped Timothy to create his own label, Black Star Inc., as well as several business lines: clothing brand Black Star Wear, burgernuyu Black Star Burger and barber shop.

Pharaoh, '22

Father: football manager Gennady Golubin

Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

Father Gleb Golubina (rapper's real name) - a celebrity in the world of Russian football. Golubin Sr. served genmenedzhera Football Academy named after Yuri Konoplev, led FC "Dynamo", worked as a personal sports agent. Now Golubin works for an agency Isport and is responsible for promoting young players.

Of course, Golubin Sr. had not seen his son for the future is soccer. And for a while everything was going according to plan. From 6 to 13 years Hleb played for "Dinamo", "CSKA" and "Locomotive". Unfortunately, the young man did not show good results. Gleb, in his own words, tired of sitting on the bench and switched to refereeing youth teams, but he was bored.

Yet football has not grown together. In 16 years, Gleb went to study in the US, where it was finally switched to rap music. Returning, Hleb entered the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, where he graduated last year and began to record tracks.

Creed Egor, 23 years

Father: The owner of the company for processing of nuts "Unitron" Nikolai Bulatkin

Rich heirs: celebrities from wealthy families

Father Creed - Penza big businessman, and mother - the Deputy of her husband. But the son of entrepreneurs from childhood interest in not processing the nuts, and music.

At 11 years old Egor recorded on tape his first song "Amnesia". Parents supported the son's desire to become an artist. In 17 years Egor took the pseudonym KreeD and began to spread music to the Network, where he noticed producers Black Star label.

Egor denied parental involvement in his career and says he has become famous thanks to the Internet.

"To get from the Pope 10 rubles for ice cream, I had to work: wipe dust, wash the dishes. I have never had a PlayStation, there was no consoles Sega, and the friends they were. Phone I got after everyone in the class. At the school for some time, I came to the domestic car, and classmates - on foreign cars. Many thanks to the family, because I have never indulged, "- says Creed.