"Tales from the mortuary," or a few stories from the morgue workers at night

Morgue - it is generally a wonderful place. Here you can find so many interesting people that even it does not matter that they are long dead. But as you know, to each his own. Today we decided to pick you up for some interesting stories from users of the popular network Reddit, which tell the story of what is so remarkable happened at them during operation, or to be more precise, in the morgue.

So, a seat back, now would be interesting.

"After the body was X-rayed in the brain discovered lipstick. Cause of death: correct makeup while driving "

"Just last week, was taken to the morgue 60-year-old woman after a serious accident. She was head-on collision with a tree. Individuals were not there, there was a mess. After the body was X-rayed in the brain of the victim found the lipstick. The cause of death is a make-up while driving, that is, in lipstick, which was included in the brain! The lipstick, gentlemen "-! Medicgenius.

"I still remember the moment when from a corpse crawled various bugs, larvae and so on,"

"Once we were called to the house from which, according to neighbors, came a horrible smell. Arriving cops found the owner of the house, which was dead dead. We examined the corpse, and it became clear that the man died three weeks ago. Just specify that all this was in the middle of summer. The house had a lot of different canned food, and gave the impression that he was preparing for war.

In addition, it was found a lot of old newspapers, cans of cat food, and videotapes. An autopsy we held on the same day. The man's body was full of different insects, which now and then just fell to the floor. Needless, perhaps, to say that the smell was just awful. I still hold back a wave of nausea, thinking about this case. Perhaps the most sickening case in my practice "- MrGogomofo.

"I still hear how the body breathes and lets gases"

"At that time I was still a student-intern, and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. On my first night shift I thought that mortuary staff decided it is necessary to make fun of me because when they brought the corpse, I could hear him breathe and emit gases. I have never seen one who has died in the morgue, mostly brought here already "Readily". When the victim's family has come to identify the body, I was there, and they confirmed that they hear him breathing, emits gases and yanking limbs. Basically, I realized that this is possible, but anyway, it looked awful.

The man, who was brought to us, was a suicide, who shot himself with a shotgun in his face. The family insisted that the coffin was open, but given the severity of the injury and basically mess instead of a face, we decided to dissuade relatives from this venture. When we finished with the corpse, then he invited his murdered father, that he finally decided whether to order an open coffin. Despite the fact that we have tried to regain the corpse's face, we have failed. A relative of the dead man agreed that the coffin was closed.

That day, when we sent a man's body in the funeral home, his family abruptly changed her mind. All wanted to have the coffin was opened. But as soon as it opened, the other half of the family was simply shocked by what he saw, because they did not know that the man shot himself in the face. As a result, our office filed a complaint with some relatives of suicide because we left it in an open coffin. I do not know what's add "- darkerthanmysoul.

"The gun in her crotch started shooting during a cremation"

"It was a holiday, probably, Thanksgiving or Christmas, I can not say, because it was a long time ago. We brought a girl who committed suicide. In the morgue, I had her undress and wait for another medical examiner, who was supposed to inspect the corpse. When my colleague came to view the body was not such a long occupation (in the details, perhaps, I will not go into). The only thing was a strange seal in the lower abdomen, but my colleague decided not to investigate it, because the cause of death was on the face - cut by veins. Relatives of the dead girl was given the nod to her cremation, and we are on the same day began all the arrangements. I was assigned to her dress and put in order. Some time later, she was ready for the cremation. When the hour "X", I put the body and sent into the furnace.

That day, I had to deal with another corpse (yes, a medical student's life is not easy). About an hour later, I heard a deafening sound that came out of the oven. The first thing that occurred to me, is the fact that something has been lost, and perhaps it was a pacemaker, which began to burst from the heat. It is clear that I did not interrupt the cremation, and waited until it's over. After the oven has stopped working, I decided to see what it was. On a tray but ashes was a small ladies' gun. Now I've seen everything ... It turns out that the seal and had a gun. Question "How?" And "Why?" I was plagued by so far, even though it's been 10 years "- doomlite.