"Happy kids" or several stories about how kids stories almost brought to a heart attack some people. Part 1

Oh, those kids! They look so funny and ridiculous, but at times from what they tell us, we can properly lay in his pants is not a pile of bricks. Today we have decided to share with you a few stories of people who have been shocked by the children's stories.

, the situation is quite different as the people who tell them. Well, make yourself comfortable! Members of the popular network Reddit tell how they have postponed a couple of kilograms of bricks from what they told the kids.

"My dad died last night,"

"My friend is a teacher in an elementary school. Recently he was given grade, and he became a homeroom teacher for children 7-8 years. Arriving at work, as if nothing had happened, he began to prepare for the first lesson. Here in the classroom comes very sad boy, calmly sits down and begins to get out of the portfolio of school supplies. While my friend turned away, that boy for no reason, no reason began to sob in three streams. Yes, in his class has some very emotional child, but this kid was not one of them.

He was always happy ordinary boy who has many friends and great parents. To find out what happened, my friend asked the guy what happened, that he was crying on the boy replied: "My father died last night." After that, he begins to talk in detail about how it happened. His dad got home from work, and since the threshold has started something zealously to discuss with my mother. After they talked, my mother went to her son's room and told him that his dad died. It is clear that my friend is shocked and immediately asked to call the mother of the boy to ask whether this is so.

While school officials frantically trying to reach the child to the mother, a friend of mine is trying to calm him down. After the shock of what he heard was my friend begins to understand that the story told by the boy, makes no sense. The family of the boy is a normal, middle-class, live in a nice area and so on. If his father was really killed, or went to the boy the next day at school?

After collecting all the guesswork together, a head is turned to the boy and asked: "Do you all this not a dream?". The boy abruptly stops crying and thinks for a few seconds and then said: "Yes, and you're right!" And immediately calms down finally gets out of the backpack sandwich and starts to tuck both cheeks. " This story was told to us by the nickname littlejellyrobot.

"I'm going to blow up the school"

"I was in class one (very concerned), four year old, who described to me in detail how he was going to shoot me, blow up a school, and then go home and eat cheddar" - Quintus14.

"Last muffin, lonely and frightened"

"My mother once gave my nephew (3, 5 years old) muffin, telling him that he is the last. The kid took it, shook hands and solemnly proclaimed: "Last muffin, lonely and frightened", and then put it in his mouth and began to chew. I do not know where he picked up this "- misshome.

"When I was old ..."

When my younger brother was 4 years old, he always said: "When I was old ..." and then talked about how he liked to fly. Previously, he had never been in an airplane "- KristinaProbably.

"We could all be buried in the sand and wait for the tide"

"This summer we decided to spend a family vacation at the lake in Michigan. My 6-year-old daughter do not particularly want to go, and I decided to cheer her up a bit, telling what we could do on the beach. I said that we will build a sand castle, and will play in the water. A few minutes after I had finished speaking, my beautiful little girl said, "Yes, plus everything we could to bury all in the sand, and then wait for the tide." When we arrived, and the family went to bed, I could not even close my eyes "- FuzzyTang.

"When I was a girl, I was very fond of cakes, but when we went to them, our car exploded, and I died"

One day I was talking with my almost 4 year old son that we should all go together to the bakery and buy two cakes with cherries. He looked at me and said: "Yes, I do not mind going with you. When I was a girl, I was very fond of cakes, but when we went to them, our car exploded, and I died. " After that, he began to tell a different story about the time when he was a girl. Needless to say, that day we did not go for the cherry pie "- jsagexxx.

"You get sick and die"

"Once I was sitting in front of his home on the bench. I loved this place. I could easily read a newspaper or even drink coffee, because the coffee shop was near, but that day is clearly something went wrong. I was approached by a girl with a mind, I would not give it more than 10 years. She looked at me and said: "You will soon get sick and die." After these words she smiled and said goodbye, went further. To be honest, at that moment I was wrong "- ThatWarmFuzzyFeelin.