The advantages of small area

The advantages of small area

A small apartment can be functional.

Cluttered "Khrushchev" kitchen, which does not turn around - for some, it is a memory of days long past, for others - a harsh reality. Because of this painful experience that's how many are afraid to fire small apartments. It seems that they can not breathe, and nowhere to turn. In fact, a tiny apartment can be a real treasure, more importantly, to understand what are its advantages.

The advantages of small area

The interior of the house on wheels - a perfect example of everything for a small apartment.

Small apartments, according to psychologists, are very comfortable to stay. If you make at least a facelift and create a cozy atmosphere, then subconsciously, these units will be perceived as personal raft, a cozy little room, where you want to return again and again. Small apartments are cheaper to operate, their owners easier to pay your rent, do not need excessive spending on furnishings and repairs.

The advantages of small area

The functional use of space.

The basic advice on how to visually enlarge the space of

The advantages of small area

The white walls and contrasting wallpapers with light - a good solution for narrow rooms.

To maximize space in a small apartment, it is desirable to make alterations, combining the kitchen with living room, and removing a partition in the bathroom (if it is convenient for everyone living in the apartment). If the possibility and desire to do major repairs not then enough to follow a few rules in the interior. For registration of the window, choose light curtains, so the room will always be more light. Carefully consider the decoration of the walls: vertical pattern on the wallpaper will allow visually increase the ceiling height, and if you make one of the walls a mirror or put the wardrobe with mirrored doors, you will visually enlarge the space of the room. For the same purpose are perfect fotoboi with panoramic views: the picture are the space becomes part of the room. Choose wallpapers to suit your preference, it may be natural or urban landscape (beach, waterfall in the mountains, tiled roofs, narrow cobbled streets, and so on. P.) Or in your apartment will be an ideal area for relaxing.

The advantages of small area

Photo wall visually increase the space of the room.

Rules furnishing small rooms

The advantages of small area

minimalistic furnished rooms.

The main rule is that you want to remember - the unit must have the minimum number, and all of it must be multi-functional. Chair, bed, table, bookshelf, cabinet-partition - this is something that should be addressed. If you choose a full bed or a sofa, pay attention to models with spacious drawers, which can be removed linens and warm winter blankets.

The advantages of small area

The working area and a place to sleep: examples of zoning rooms.

If the apartment has not yet been furnished, the layout should be performed first, and only then buy or make to order furniture. To make things easier, experienced designers are advised to begin to measure the size of the room, using the normal roulette, then make paper layout in a scale of 1:50. The role of furniture will fulfill rectangles cut out of colored paper:.. The table, wardrobe, bed, etc. Do permutation of paper as long as you find the best option, it is much easier than moving real furniture.

As a creative person living in a small apartment

Creative space for passionate natures.

Creative individuals necessarily need to give free rein to their imagination. Soizmerte possibility of his apartment and take one corner (or a small room, if it is a two-room accommodation) for your personal space. You can expand the favorite books, set rack with crafts, put a comfortable chair and a floor lamp, if you like to spend the evening knitting or embroidery, hang pictures, memories or organizer of affairs with reminders. In the same corner of the desk set, for which you will be able to work or engage in creative work.

Example of the rooms in the house avid traveler.

Avid travelers can complement the interior of any of the things that will remind them of the experienced emotions or become visualization future trips. This can be a globe or a wall scratch card on which you can mark places that already had time to visit (as an alternative to the usual cards), photo albums, or souvenirs.