Stage relationship strong steam

Love - an unpredictable thing. While you're at the stars (or other sources) are calculated when and under what circumstances you will meet "the very" life brings you a completely different scenario: so that it is time to be prepared for the fact that Mr. Big can be found in the supermarket of choice of cheese. Although all relationships begin and develop differently, psychologists have been able to derive a formula by which you can check your love of aptitude.

Talks about the five stages through which only the strongest pair.


Stage relationship strong steam

Love is perhaps the most exciting and unpredictable feeling often we just lose his head from a man who seemed to have had we did not like. It can not prevent or control as soon as whatever you call it madness - a tsunami or chemistry - from it did not really escape. This is because we are exposed to no conscious choice, and instinct, which, however, is satisfied only temporarily. During this period the partner seems to us the most perfect person on the planet - of course, as long as love does not go to the next level or not at all disappeared.


Stage relationship strong steam

When we confess in love - to make an informed choice. So, the first stage came to an end and we understand that they are ready to continue the relationship. You're tied to a partner, to build common plans, you believe in each other grows and develops. It is at this stage, many couples decide on a joint life and marriage. And if you have no doubt that this is really your man, then you go on.


Stage relationship strong steam

The disappointment and alienation - a breakthrough stage, which many did not overcome. At some point you realize that you do not feel old emotions close to the beloved, and your hope for the bright future disappeared. You understand that you are not satisfied with such a relationship, but you can not find the reason - what's the deal? Then you are looking for a reason to quarrel, and any details that you previously did not pay attention, takes you out of yourself.

Indeed, when we're in love, all in a partner it seems exaggeratedly beautiful, but at this stage, even the fact that you once enjoyed in it, starts to irritate. So you ask yourself a question: whether I made the right choice? Do not panic - this stage can and should survive.


Stage relationship strong steam

You can save the situation only if we change the way of thinking. And to work on a relationship, and you get a reward: the feelings will become more mature and stronger. We are not perfect: they all have problems and complexes. Therefore, you have to fall in love is not in dignity, and in each other's shortcomings. Yes, the relationship - is the work, so it is important to understand that true love takes time, patience and effort.

Love that will outlast ALL

Stage relationship strong steam

The single-handedly cope with daily problems is difficult, so at all times we subconsciously seek a partner (even those who decided to become a hermit), which will be our best ally. But there is no way that a person fully satisfy your requests: we are all different, so you have to adapt to each other. Another question - how gently and carefully you do it. When you pass through all the difficulties, it will attain the main kindred spirit, and this will agree, the most important thing.

In the last step you usually do not hide anything, you know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and love partner for who he is. And it is at this point you know - true love exists.