"I ask the price to yourself?" Or how to recognize mates with low self-esteem?

What we know about low self-esteem? Probably each of us now has formed in your head a certain stereotypical profile of a man. It is likely that people with low or low self-esteem to be mumbling, who is afraid of everything; a sort of hermit or "lone wolf", as communication skills and desire to communicate, in principle, as many people think, people with low self-esteem there is little, or they just do not want to use them; meek, because nothing else he had no choice.

Options psychological portrait of the human mass, and each of us it will be different, and converge at the same time. But how to understand it really in front of you a man or not really? Or maybe you own self-esteem through the floor? If you want to understand what factors in a person's ability to show that he has low self-esteem, then you've come to the correct site and the desired article. Today we will look at in detail, what are the qualities of people with low self-esteem. So let's start.

Constant allegations and complaints towards others

Some people just can not take responsibility for their actions. Of course, much easier to be offended, angry and blaming all the deadly sins of someone else. The man simply renounces the fact that for everything that happens to him in his life, does not answer someone else, but he himself. These simple phrases like "I'll blame for the situation", "here is my fault, and it is necessary to solve the problem," "maybe I need to change in certain aspects" - it is very difficult to say to those who have low self-esteem. Blaming everyone around the person, thus, trying to elevate himself in his own eyes.

The conviction and excessive nicety

People with low self-esteem are often criticized by some because they do not accept their value system. Such people compensate for their own sense of inferiority, presenting themselves as "right" and the other "wrong." It is worth noting that in most cases, people can not come to terms with certain qualities, traits, and so on others, simply because the same character traits, behavior they do not like in yourself.

The constant praise and approval of

People with low self-esteem need to be praised simply because they themselves did not get to give their actions a definite assessment. They do not believe in yourself, and in most cases close to them has to be the one who will say, "All right, you're done. All you get, and all you are doing is correct. " If one of the next not, people will always doubt yourself, and irritability scale will always exceed the norm. It is also worth noting that in the period when a person with low self-esteem will not be, so to speak, "is covered with the rear", it is likely that it may prove unfounded aggression, in order to somehow protect against "enemies." Accept defeat such people simply do not know how. They can be closed in itself, quit work, study and get depressed. That can not happen if there is a man with them, who will tell you that is not so bad, and be sure to substitute his shoulder.

The desire to be everywhere and always the first to

The desire to be the first of not only people with low self-esteem. But if you take people with low self-esteem, be the first and reach heights - a kind of desire to be at least somewhat better, first of all, to himself. Anything that drives these people in the struggle for leadership palm tree, is the desire to get the praise.


Depression goes hand in hand with a number of such people. Dissatisfaction with life, a complete lack of self-love, multiple frustrations, etc. clearly do not make life better and more colorful. Constantly elevated levels of anxiety and anger is likely and may lead to a neurosis. So, if you find yourself in this article, you should think about how you live.

The fear of making a mistake, indecision

A person with low self-esteem is very afraid to make a mistake. This fear of some business, can make a person give up the planned general or to postpone a particular case indefinitely. Such people rarely make their own decisions, because they do not believe in their abilities and that they basically can do something right. The main principle of such people: "It is better to do nothing, and no problems."