The main signs of the Old New Year

• The main signs of the Old New Year

The main signs of the Old New Year

Today, we share not less important information gathered by many generations of our people: the main signs of the Old New Year. Thanks to them, you can determine what the weather will be for the next year, will the generous harvest, as well as to avoid many troubles.

The signs of happiness on the Old New Year 2018

13 and 14 January be careful: with the help of the people's will can you let your luck in the house, as well as to determine what will be this year's harvest, and when it is present, the spring warmth.

  • If the night of January 14 - quiet and clear, then the year will be prosperous.
  • It is believed that the couple, engagement, or to legitimize the relationship of the Old New Year, will live together happily ever after.
  • Heavy snow and ice on the feast say about the rich harvest next year.
The main signs of the Old New Year
  • If the January 14 first enters the house the man - year will stand out successful and happy.
  • The starry sky on the night of January 14 promises a rich harvest of berries and frost - a good honey harvest.
  • If kutia first attempt turned out delicious and beautiful, then you expect a good year.
  • When the sun rises high in the holiday, but this year you can expect a generous fruit harvest.

The bad omens of the Old New Year

But good will, our ancestors noticed many bad signs of the Old New Year, which promise debts, tears and prolonged cold. And if the signs of the weather, you can not argue about, the other to avoid trouble - quite realistic, if 13 and 14 January to do the things we tell below.

  • If the 13-14 January take or give money in the debt - spend the whole year in debt.
  • In the old days there was a belief that we can not celebrate the New Year only in female company, as it promises trouble.
  • If the morning on January 14 will stand out snow - spring of this year will be too late.
  • In the Old New Year can not be considered a trifle - according to ancient beliefs, it can bring tears to the house for the entire year.
The main signs of the Old New Year

In addition, we remind that on January 13 at the table have to be meat dishes as well as a symbol of 2018 - Ground Yellow Dog - loves meat. A festive table decided to gather the whole family dressed in festive clothing. If during your meal will visit the intruder, he should be invited to the table - then 2018 will be generous and successful. The evening of January 13 and into the night to meet accepted by companies and sent to relatives and neighbors schedrovat to invoke happiness and well-being in their home.

The main signs of the Old New Year