Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

Most often on the podium began to slip sunglasses with reflective lenses, and color - and a variety of colors - as well as glasses with a round rim and oprava- "butterfly". But all models are ahead in the spirit of oversayz glasses - it is with them, and should start.

Points oversayz

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

The most fashionable sunglasses have become a far from standard sizes. Style, color and shape of virtually no importance, since the main trend becomes size. Lens color is also not a big deal: mono choose classic black or transparent, with effect Ombre or without it, all the colors of the rainbow. In general, this trend is quite justified - oversayz decorate any.

Round goggles

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

Blind, tisheydy Lennon - all these different names for one form. Round the rim of the season ahead of summer 2018 even aviators and sunglasses in the style of "butterflies", which until recently were at the top of popularity. Only now even round glasses will look even more stylish than the bigger.

They can be ornate and decorated with original decor and unusual lenses, but also stylish and will be common Lennon in minimalist style.

But we must be aware that round glasses look advantageous on a rectangular and long faces - chubby women of fashion they come very rarely.

The cat's eyes or butterfly

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

"Cat" Socket has been popular among fashionistas for many years ago, and then went out of fashion and come back again. And today in the trends of the next "Rises". And it is justified, "cat's eyes" are able to reduce the too high forehead and wide cheekbones too.

Some brands have decided to use this form, without changing it, but some members of the fashion houses more modernized style, giving it a futuristic look.

This model also uses a variety of materials and colors, and any options with this immortal form looks stylish.

The double bridge

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

One of the most striking and modern trends of spring 2018 - a double bridge. Previously this type was characterized mainly for glasses, aviators, he now adorns almost every model. Interesting and easy progress update and improve all the familiar model.


Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

Once all pilots bored again in vogue. Pilots returning to a completely new form and quality.

Now you can find the shop windows aviators with colored lenses, as well as uncommon and remarkable classical model, but with a thin metal frame.

Perhaps, this popular model is the only model can be called unisex, which looks great dandies and ladies, regardless of gender, and also can decorate dress in any style.

The unusual shape of

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

Plastic - amazingly beautiful and dynamic material, which in the year the designers are willing to experiment over and over again, year. Now fashion houses presented a new and unusual glasses, unlike anything: a disproportionate frame and unusual shape of the lens. This is something new, futuristic, stylish and bright. And it is not necessary to pay for these glasses fortune.

points with a gradient

Fashion model sun glasses in 2018

It all started with the hair when coloring technique Ombre - a smooth transition from one color to another - suddenly became popular all over the world. Now the trend has passed and accessories, and it is no wonder: the glasses with a gradient look interesting and attractive unbanal.

glasses with colored lenses

Fans of exciting life and bright colors like this trend. Designers offer the next six months to abandon the boring classical frames and black and brown shades, and decide on the bright windows. Yellow or pink, blue or green, orange or red, with or without gradient, mirror or not - in the 2018 spectacle lenses boast an unprecedented diversity.


Abundant decoration is a little tired of both designers and fashionistas. So now, the fashion industry has refused rhinestones, sequins and other decorations in favor of strict and unambiguous styles that do not distract the attention, highlighting the features and complete the image.