"And in the tales also cry" or unhappiness in the magical world of Walt Disney

The magical world of Walt Disney animated in the most popular amusement parks - Disneyland, it is difficult to describe in words. Embodied in the vast territories tale attracts millions of people. But no one is immune from disaster, even in a place like Disneyland. And though Disney administration is doing its best to hide any accident that occurred on the territory of parks, information leakage is inevitable. And here they are in front of you that darken the fabulous world of Walt Disney accidents.


There was once a song about dinosaurs, the trough are found here, but not in Africa, and that this dinosaur is just dwells not in Africa, but in the Kingdom of Disneyland animals. The journey to it - it is something that is worth to visit the park. This attraction has long been a favorite among visitors to the park and all guaranteed to bring a lot of fun. But as you know, is not .. In short, there was a corpse in 2005 in the family. The visitor attraction has died of a heart attack. As a result, it was found that guests had an artificial pacemaker, which he did not tell the staff, and there you have the sad result. Alas, sometimes the rule of "silence - gold" fails.

"Rock 'n' Roller Coaster"

This iconic attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of the most popular roller coasters and is the most attractive for Aerosmith fans. But in 2006, 12-year-old boy at the end of the trip was found unconscious in his place and died on the way to the hospital from a heart attack. Here without comment.

"Expedition Everest"

"Expedition Everest" introduces a completely new touches to the concept of the good old roller coaster. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you start it seems that booth right now collapse straight down, for the rails on which the train rides "are" broken. The effect is so realistic that in 2007, 44-year-old man at some point on this reality collapsed and died of a heart attack. The investigation revealed that he died of natural causes. And what can I say, What could be more natural. Everest Everest there. Nature is unpredictable, even if it is - a reliable ride at Disneyland.

"Body Wars"

January 1, 2007 "Body Wars" at Walt Disney World was closed, although in 1989 he was very popular in this fairy-tale world, and many fans still yearn for his return. In 1995, after a four-game losing consciousness girl was found in a simulator. attraction work was stopped, and the staff did their best to deliver the baby in time to the hospital, but the girl turned out to be a congenital heart disease, and she did not survive.

"Mission: Space"

The spectacular cosmic attraction - one of the most visited in the world of Walt Disney, and for good reason. It is fully simulates the feeling, whatever you experienced during take-off space rocket, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. In 2004, being inside the pavilion, four year old boy died. Parents are suing Disney, but lost the trial

"It's A Small World"

"Small World" - is a classic Disney. But here was not without tragedy. In December 2014 a 22-year-old woman suddenly lost consciousness, came out of the pavilion, and soon died. The ride itself is very measured, it must be said, it had nothing to do with the cause of her death. However, as in previous cases, the cause and effect are not related to each other.

"Pirates of the Caribbean"

This beloved by many an attraction Disneyland, and by the way, in its creation participated the legendary Disney. Full of perilous journey along the river, waterfalls, meeting with the pirates - all this hardly anyone indifferent, and in 2005 he was so impressed with a 77-year-old lady, that she had died at the end of the trip. Alas. But who knows, maybe it was the most enjoyable, though the last impression in her life?

"Prince Charming Regal Carrousel"

Pretty Carousel at the Magic Kingdom is very popular among kids, but not without disaster. In 2010, an elderly woman fell, moving from the carousel, and soon died. Travel "back in time" was over for her sad, alas.


This cableway was the second "celestial" Disney attraction, and in February 1999, a worker removes the landing area, fell to 40-feet tall. It turned out that the animator has activated the lift, not knowing that there was a man. Sadly, it turns out, in the fairy kingdom work can be deadly.

"Seven Dwarfs Mine Train"

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - one of the fabulous new "acquisitions" New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. In November 2014 there occurred another unpleasant incident, as a result of problems with the fireworks there was a fire, but fortunately no one was injured, and all the guests were evacuated, and the fire was soon extinguished.

Oh, and in all cases the administration of Disneyland claimed that rides were working properly. So, if you are going to Disneyland, our story - do not attempt to stop you from traveling, but as you know, forewarned is forearmed.