Devices that will warm in winter

• Devices that will warm winter

Devices that will warm in winter

In the winter is very cold.

They say that the winter - this time, a comfortable fortune. And all because, despite the cold, frost, sleet, snow and other weather charms, you can always return home you can pour yourself a cup of hot tea and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. And now, we will focus on an incredibly useful and artful devices that help make winter evenings even more comfortable.

1. Lasko 100

Devices that will warm in winter

Useful thing.

Compact heater that will quickly and locally heat the air. It does not consume a lot of electricity and does not overload the network. Just a few minutes, and in a small room will be much warmer. An excellent choice for use in the workplace. Cord for connection to the network is hidden directly in the device.

2. ValueRays

Devices that will warm in winter

Conveniently, probably.

How about a mouse with heated? Mouse works in three modes: without heat, moderate heating, strong heating. Hardly this mouse is a good choice for fans of video games, but Internet surfers and office staff definitely appreciate it at its true worth.

3. Hot Booties Foot Warmers

Devices that will warm in winter

Just throw them in the microwave.

Exotic slippers for the feet, made mainly of cotton and flax, which can be warm in a microwave oven. And this is no joke, slippers Hot Booties Foot Warmers really have to shove in the microwave, so they took up the heat, and only then put on his feet. The main thing is not to forget how to wash your feet often. And the microwave is also worthwhile to thoroughly wash after such a warming ...

4. Soft Heat Micro-Plush

Devices that will warm in winter

Smart mattress.

"Smart" mattress pad to help keep warm even in the coldest night without a loved one, or a cat. In fact, the technology is incredibly simple. The linens are embedded heating elements and secure the wires that will generate heat during the night in one of the preset modes. It is possible to synchronize the Soft Heat Micro-Plush with your smartphone.

5. Lectra Sox

Devices that will warm in winter

That it was warm.

Every child and every adult knows that in the winter the heat begins with such trivial things like socks. It is desirable that the socks were warm. What about socks heated? It is in this article of clothing and is Lectra Sox. By the way, even without a heating function, these socks are very warm.

6. ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

Devices that will warm in winter

A lovely alternative to socks.

An excellent alternative to socks heated insoles can become heated. Today, you can find options with a remote control from a smartphone, significantly raises the value of such an accessory.

7. Mydeal Wireless Hat

Devices that will warm in winter

Cap with headphones.

In winter, it is important to protect against frost forehead, ears and neck. To help in this case may be about such a cap, which not only closes all vulnerable parts of the body, but also spoil the music. The thing is that the cap integrated headphones.