Countries where there is still a cannibalism

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

The guidebooks warn of the many dangers that may await travelers in a particular country. But no one warned about cannibalism. Surprise! Cannibalism is still practiced in some nations, such as India, Cambodia and West Africa. And 7 countries in which tribes still not averse to eat people.

1. Southeast Papua New Guinea

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

Korowai tribe is one of the last in the world, which regularly eats human flesh. They live along the river, and there were times when they killed the casual tourist. And warm brains healers believed real delicacy.

Why do they eat people? When someone in the tribe dies without any apparent reason (illness or old age), they believe it is the work of black magic, and in order to protect others from harm, a person should eat.

Interesting fact: In 1961, Michael Rockefeller (the son of New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller) disappeared while collecting artifacts of the tribe. His body was never found.

2. India

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

North Indian Hindu sect Aghori eat volunteers who bequeathed his insides. Nevertheless, in 2005, Indian TV crew conducted an investigation and found that those who eat and decomposing bodies from the Ganges (local tradition), as well as stealing organs from crematoria.

Why do they eat people?

Aghori believe that it prevents aging.

Interesting fact: They make really good jewelry made of human bones and skulls.

3. Fiji

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

Formerly known as the "island of cannibals." Until now, the locals can not put things in order, and all are still those who eat human flesh, but not all, but only the enemy tribes. Why do they eat people? It is a ritual of revenge.

Interesting fact: the Fijian cannibals are not animals - they eat the cutlery and collect rare items left over from the victims. The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, you can find examples of such collections.

4. Brazil

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

The tribe vari ate pious and religious dead until 1960, and after some missionaries government cut almost all the seed. Nevertheless, the level of poverty in the slum of Olinda in 1994 prohibitively high, and still happen bursts of cannibalism.

Why do they eat people? Poverty and hunger.

Interesting fact: In 2012, there were reports of researchers who questioned the locals, and they claim to hear voices that tell them to kill this or that person.

5. West Africa

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

Society active cannibals Leopard since the last century, people ate. Up to 80 in the vicinity of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire have found human remains. The tribe is usually dressed in leopard skins and armed with their fangs.

Why do they eat people? Tribe believes that eating people makes them stronger and faster.

Interesting fact: They have followers - Community Human Alligator, which is engaged in this.

6. Cambodia

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

The journalist Neil Davis reported that cannibalism in these regions gained momentum during the war in Southeast Asia (1960 and 1970). Now occasionally observed manifestation of cannibalism.

Why do they eat people? In Cambodian troops was a ritual - have liver enemy.

Interesting fact: Many people in towns and villages were under the control of the organization, "Khmer Rouge", which strictly controlled all the food in the county and the artificially created famine in the country.

7. Congo

Countries where there is still a cannibalism

There were cases of cannibalism in the Congo, and the last was recorded not long ago - in 2012. Its peak they reached in the civil Congolese war (from 1998 to 2002.).

Why do they eat people? During the war, rebel groups believed that the enemies you need to eat, especially the heart, which is prepared using special herbs.

Interesting fact: The Congolese, and now believe that the human heart gives a special force, and if there are people, it will scare off enemies.


Bedelia Jean Bokassa of the Central African Republic is also famous for its "love" to people. Former chef Bokassa once shared a recipe from a human corpse, stuffed with rice and flambéed in gin. He really could not remember half of the corpse, which he claimed Bokassa ordered him to cook. By the mid-70s, even the emperor was satiated with human flesh and began to collect sensations from eating the representatives of different professions. The only country in the mathematician and the dentist ended their lives on the cutting table of the palace kitchens. The same was the fate of the winner of the country's first beauty contest.