How to wash a down jacket

• How to properly wash down jacket

How to wash a down jacket

Lacking the necessary knowledge on how to properly wash down jacket, the man gives it to the dry cleaners. This is very convenient when the season ends, and soon it will be necessary to lay down all the winter clothes in the closet. Dry Cleaning quite expensive, but every season it is usually a person does.

But how to be in that situation, when the jacket should be cleaned during the season, winter or autumn? It remains an independent laundry. However, when man first confronted with such a situation, he does not dare to wash down jacket, but in fact this is no big deal. It is only necessary to consider some features of the product and learn about a few rules of washing.

Pooh or synthetic?

How to wash a down jacket

To get started you will be examined, from which to make your down jacket. Many people believe all the big down jackets winter jackets, no matter what they are made. In fact, within this down jacket is swan, goose, duck or eiderdown. On the label of this thing is to be a mark "down".

Often cushions filled with fluff addition, including a pen. In this case, the label must be the mark "feather". It is these jackets need special care and delicate respect during washing. If the jacket is filled with synthetic materials, in most cases, these products can withstand harsh wash modes. Still, even in the case of a synthetic filling, it is recommended to use a delicate wash, unless otherwise indicated on the label.

How to prepare to wash down jacket

How to wash a down jacket

- all rivets, zippers and buttons must be buttoned to during washing deformation has occurred, and they could not mess up your jacket;

- heavily contaminated portions pretreat a stain remover or a special solvent. In this case, do not forget to surface treatment jackets draw attention to the material that does not violate its integrity or not to spoil the product;

- to clean the jacket of stubborn dirt, use only a sponge or very soft brush;

- put in the washing machine drum, two tennis balls to fluff during washing is not lost lumps.

How to wash a down jacket



- Do not use a dry detergent powder, liquid means only, as the powder can be in the cells down, where it will be extremely difficult to rinse;

- wash down products apart from all the other things; - the washing, set the mode among the most delicate of all available (for example, for silk or wool);

How to wash a down jacket

- no wash jacket at a temperature above 30 degrees;

- after washing rinse down jacket again, or just turn on the extra rinse function. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the lining of the detergent;

- the number of revolutions should be 400-600 or you can completely disable the spin. If the spin speed is greater, the filler down jackets will likely bring down or even come out of the seams.


How to wash a down jacket

- in any case, do not dry down products on the battery or any other heater, nor dry it near a heat source;

- before dry down jacket unzip all zippers, buttons, buckles, several times, remove the jacket inside out and back to get rid of excess water, remove pockets;

- dry down jacket on a hanger, frequently remove and shake to stretch down clumps.