"Oh, and I have not turned off the iron at home ...!". Netizens tell about the antics of its partners, which forced them to "remember the urgent matters" directly during sex

All of us, for sure, at least once in life there are situations, when suddenly you remember that you have a home iron is not turned off, the gas is not blocked, the neighbors below floods, and in general, aliens are now kidnapped right out of bed in your peacefully sleeping grandmother, so you urgently need to run like Forest Gump, without turning back. Only now you know, the vast majority of us is different from the hapless hero of our today's article? And you can guess!

Unlike many people who, as a rule, remember that the accursed iron during a boring conversation with an elderly neighbor, unpleasant and tedious dialogue with boring familiar, well, or, at worst, during an unsuccessful visits, which went clearly on the curve track, our current "superstars" suddenly had to recall the urgent and immediate matters at the time of the very activity that most adults rarely refuse to miss - during sex.

So today we decided to lighten the mood of our readers and prepare a compilation of stories from users of the popular social network Reddit those charming situations, when not to run for the iron had turned off directly from the still hot from previous bed.

Family Matters

"During sex, he asked, do not mind if I, if he will call me the name of his 15-year-old sister."

To buterbrodik with chicken?

"When she took off her clothes, the room just filled the mouthwatering smell of canned chicken (you know, those cans are sold in supermarkets). In general, I like a vegetarian suddenly remembered that I had urgent business at work, and I have to run to the salvation of the world. "

I think she loved "REN TV"

"We were lying in bed naked and kissing when she suddenly pulled away, said she must in some ways I admit, and began to talk about what is actually her husband - a space alien, and her three children - offspring Satan. I do not even know what surprised me more: the fact that I met two months schizophrenic, or that she at the same time there is a husband and three children. In general, then I went to get dressed. "

"Do not worry"

"During sex, he said that his current wife is still probably going to die, so I do not worry and feel guilty. As if I did know that he had a wife, and even dying. Sick asshole. "

"should have warned me!"

"A couple of months ago, met a girl, everything was fine, and the bed, as a whole, too. Once we as always "watching a movie" (well, you get the idea) on the couch, and things gradually began to move in a horizontal plane. When I ran his hands under her skirt, she suddenly began to scream and fight back. I surprise almost managed it, then I bounced off her and asked what was wrong. She giggled coyly and said that everything is fine, she just wanted to play in the rape. In short, the mood was kranty, I packed up and went home. In fact, such a warning should be! ".

Bruises adorn a man

"We did so, she was on top, everything went very well. Here I do not know that she got it into her head, but with full force slapped me in the jaw with his fist and began to choke. I gave her a slap in the face, jumped out of bed, I gathered their armor and ran away. I do not know, maybe she thought that the lamp on the floor face and a split lip without warning - it's sexy. "

When self-esteem is flying into the sky

"He unbuttoned his pants and ... well, with this size it could not that crack nuts, and kill elephants. No no and one more time no. To this I was not ready. In general, of course he was upset, but I hope he even self-esteem "has risen to.


"We gradually moved into the bedroom, he wanted me down on the bed, I turned around and saw that right in the middle of white sheets adorned" nezhdanchik "from his dog. All spirits have been killed. "

"Children - flowers of life"

"She's like," Oh, Michael, take me, I want your children! ". I was like, "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, I get up in the morning to work." Children living flowers, but let them bloom anywhere, not only on my grave. "

"Shhh ..."

"I started to meet with my colleague. Have been together for several months, sex has always involved just me. Once I came to visit relatives, so I persuaded her to after work, we went to her home. Why, indeed, no? She lived alone anyway. We came, drank vino, I went into the shower, the house is really no one was there except us. As we have already begun to do their job on the couch, she suddenly clamped over my mouth and whispered: "Hush, do not moan, you wake them up, they are now seen thee and hid, but if they came down from the attic, all will be bad." To hell with her and her home, so I have somewhere seen a horror movie. "


"I had to miss the pants, pants, T-shirt and jump into the second-floor window, because her boyfriend suddenly returned home."