Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017

• Rating overrated actors in Hollywood in 2017

Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017

This year, the traditional rating of the most overrated actors according to Forbes includes prize winners "Oscar" Brad Pitt and Christian Bale.

When an actor gets a lot of money, but his films do not generate revenue, it can be frustrating studios and problems with the financing of future film projects. Forbes has made regular rating Actors who overpaid for their work. The most overrated Hollywood star at the end of 2017 was the actor Mark Wahlberg. Second and third places were taken by actors Christian Bale and Channing Tatum.

To compile the rating Forbes analyzed the commercial success of the last three paintings produced before 1 June 2017, which starred Hollywood actors. It seems less than 2,000 cinema screens pictures and animated films where the actors voicing the characters, were not taken into account. Released in rent after June 1, 2017 films also not considered.

Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017

1 Mark Wahlberg

Thanks to large advances Mark Wahlberg earned for the year $ 68 million - more than the assembled his film "Patriot Day" in the worldwide box office, dedicated to the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon. Also a big disappointment for investors was the drama "Deepwater Horizon" starring Wahlberg - the film hardly hit the budget of $ 110 million from each dollar paid Wahlberg movie creators returned only $ 4, 4..

Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017

2. Christian Bale

Christian Bale got the second place in the ranking overrated actors due to the commercial failure of the film on the Armenian Genocide, "The Promise". This film earned only 11% of the production budget, which made it one of the worst Hollywood releases of the year. Every dollar allocated to salary Bale, brought the author of the film only $ 6, 7, that quite modest by the standards of Hollywood.

Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017


3. Channing Tatum

Not only fail at the box office blockbusters, this happens with the low-budget film, if they do not produce the expected resonance. Despite the relatively modest salary by the standards of Hollywood, Channing Tatum entered the top three most overrated actors. This is largely explained by the failure of the film "Logan's luck" with his participation. From the creators of every dollar paid his films returned only $ 7, 6.

Rating overrated actors in Hollywood 2017

4. Denzel Washington

The fourth line is Denzel Washington was nominated for "Oscar" for his role in "Fences." This picture has collected $ 57, 7 million in the US, but failed in the international box office. Coupled with the failure of "The Magnificent Seven" is to ensure the inclusion in Washington's rating. With every dollar paid to Washington, the filmmakers returned $ 10, 4.

5. Brad Pitt

Fifth place was the owner of "Oscar" Brad Pitt, as each paid him a dollar brought filmmakers only $ 11, 5. He has not recently been grossing pictures, and the spy movie "Allies" and all showed the weak charges - at the cost of production of $ 85 million he earned only $ 119, 5 million.