The most stylish first ladies

• The most stylish first ladies of

They are not a singer and actress, but these ladies have their own fans. Women copied their style, while men would not mind to take the place of their spouses. Still would! Our heroine - is the most vivid and stylish first ladies around the globe.

The most stylish first ladies

Melania Trump

47 years old, the wife of US President Donald Trump

The most stylish first ladies

Melania - former model originally from Slovenia. Thanks to the work she met with billionaire Donald Trump: in 1999 the then Melania Knavs shot for the magazine Allure, whose owner was Mr. Trump. Five years later he became the beautiful wife of the future president. Melanie was 34 years old, her husband is older than 24 years.

Brigitte Macron

64 years old, wife of French President Emmanuel Makron

The most stylish first ladies

Monsieur Macron met his future wife when he was 15 years old ...! Madame Brigitte Trono was older than 24 years! She has taught literature and theater led class at school, where he studied under the future president. The young man fell in love with the teacher, and in the day of his 17th birthday, said the teacher, that he intends to marry her. Of course, Madame could not hide a smile. It was not only much older than her boyfriend, but was married and has three children - his student peers. One of the daughters Brigitte was a classmate of her future husband! After high school, Emmanuelle went to study in Paris, but continued courtship, and soon gave Brigitte. 12 years after the recognition of the love of his student Brigitte divorced the following year, in 2007, she married Emmanuel Makron. After another 10 years, he became the president of France - the youngest in the history of the country. It seems, monsieur gets what he wants.

Mehriban Aliyeva

53 years old, the wife of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

The most stylish first ladies

Clever and beautiful Mrs - granddaughter of the writer Mira Jalal Pashayev and the daughter of the rector of the National Academy of Aviation Arif Pashayev - a representative of one of the most influential names in Azerbaijan. Mehriban continued his race with dignity: with honors graduated from the Medical University named after Sechenov, becoming the wife of the future president during his studies (the couple had three children). Mehriban worked in the profession at the Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases, and then became involved in charity work. Now the first lady of Azerbaijan - UN goodwill ambassador and UNESCO. And, of course, the most stylish lady of the country.

Angelica Rivera

48 years old, wife of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto

The most stylish first ladies

The actress Angelica Rivera - star of Mexican TV series, and in real life celebrities took a turn worthy of the film adaptation. In 2010, the actress married Mexico Governor Enrique Peña Nieto, who two years later became president of the country. The couple has six children - three from a previous marriage of each spouse.

Agatha Kornhauser Duda

45 years old, the wife of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda

The most stylish first ladies

Agatha - German teacher - left her job at the Lyceum, to help her husband, first in the presidential race, and then in the affairs of the country's leader. Its president, Agatha knows from school: guys met at a party in the graduating class.

Chantal Biya

46 years old, the wife of President Paul Biya of Cameroon

The most stylish first ladies

Surely the brightest first lady of the world: hair Chantal envy and Lady Gaga, and RuPaul. Western political world the image of Chantal may seem extravagant, but at home the first lady - trendsetter. In between packings Chantal finds time for charity and international visits. By the way, Chantal younger than her husband of almost 40 years!