"The remake specifically for the jury" or the famous scene from the movie that inspired people to crime

Who of us at least once in his life did not want to look like a favorite movie character? It's great when a good film with a good promise makes people think, and encourages them to do good deeds. But what happens when the "sequel in the real-life" gets a thriller or horror?

What, specifically for those who still doubt how much modern cinema can influence the emotionally unstable and too impressionable person, we have prepared our current collection of stories about real and at times quite violent crimes inspired by popular movies and series.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Come on, we will never believe that in the world there is at least one person who never in his life at least the edge of the ear has not heard of the famous Freddy Krueger from "Nightmare on Elm Street" - a monster of dreams which comes on the souls of children and kills them with his glove with blades. This horror film loved by many fans of the genre and won him crowds of fans around the world, but one of the fans of Freddie Britaniizashel too far, trying to be like your favorite movie hero.

A guy named Daniel Gonzalez, who at the time of the tragedy was only 26 years old, from an early age suffered from schizophrenia and doted on horror movies. When combined with the refusal of medication, illness and love for horror movies mixed up in the head of a Man in a boiling volatile mix, and in 2004, Gonzales imagines himself a real Freddy Krueger, he donned glove with knives and set off to kill. By the time he was arrested the police, Daniel had to kill her "claws" of four people, and three years later the self-proclaimed Freddie, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, committed suicide in his jail cell right.

"Judgment Night"

Horror entitled "Judgment Night", which was released in 2013, pleased with his original idea of ​​many fans of fake blood. The film is a kind of a criminal anti-utopia, where the American authorities have decided to give its citizens the one night a year when anyone can perfectly legal to kill anyone, the police, emergency doctors and rescue workers take a well deserved day off, and the rich, who do not wish to participate in the "show "holed up for the armored doors of their comfortable homes.

His bloody "sequel" in reality "Judgment Night" received in May 2016, when a resident of Indiana Jonathan Cruz too strongly imbued with the idea of ​​the need to "cleanse society from the poor and marginalized," unable to earn their armored Door. Dressed up in a mask like the heroes of the film, Cruz four nights out on the hunt for the homeless and the blacks until his arrest had brutally beaten to death three people.

"A Clockwork Orange"

Oh, what, what, and that Alex from the cult film "A Clockwork Orange" with his "good old ultra-violence" will inevitably find their own followers in real life, doubt somehow did not have from the outset . The story of a gang of youths who robbed, murdered, raped and create chaos in the streets of the city for the mayhem that inevitably looks too attractive and tempting for many immature and emotionally unstable personalities.

But what really was a bit surprising, is the fact that in order to "play" dozens of young offenders chose not fight scenes and murders, and a small fragment of a couple of minutes from the beginning of the film, where the gang Alex rapes girl, singing the song " singin 'inthe Rain ". Since the film's release a police officer in the West with the unenviable intervals had to deal with gang rape, during which the attackers in a loud voice "singing in the rain" and one of the most famous of these incidents was the case in England in 1974.


The famous TV series about a serial killer Dexter Morgan in the first place, is remembered by many viewers quite spectacular and unique style cinematic maniac who before the next murder is completely halts the room with a plastic film and in addition to the usual knife really likes to use torture and dismemberment of his drills victims grinders and other power tools.

Of course, such a "productive ideas" could not get over some "particularly susceptible individuals," and a few years after the first season in different parts of the world began to appear its own "homegrown Dexter."

One of the most famous serial killings committed in 2016 sadomasochistic lover named Jessica Lopez, who first strangled and then dismembered in the style of "Dexter" another woman. Criminal did not want to repent of their actions, however, he admitted that divide man was much harder in real life than in the movies.