"Incredibly beautiful and successful" or three most young supermodels in the world

It is no secret that the work of a professional model is very limited due to her age. On average, the modeling world has come to the age of 16, and from that moment begins the career of this or that girl. Basically, the model can shoot up to 25 - 30 years old and after, as they say in common, "retire".

But it does not mean that it always happens with all. Of course, there are exceptions - some models reach the level of fame and status that allows them to operate even at thirty, forty or fifty years. That less, not everyone can be like, for example, Gisele Bundchen, the former "Angel" famous brand of lingerie "Victoria's Secret", which is currently 37 years, and it is successful in his profession, Naomi Campbell (47 years old) or Heidi Klum (44). But at this stage, it formed a very sad trend, based on which, the model becomes a very early age. In 2014, in New York, even passed a law which states that a girl can start to work in the modeling industry only on reaching 18 years of age. This was done in view of the fact that girls need to start to get proper education, and only then to go into modeling. Today we tell you about the most famous young supermodels of the past few years. They are rich, they are known and they are damn good. So, the three themselves famous and beautiful supermodels.

Gemma Ward

When I first came to the podium Australian model Gemma Ward, a model world immediately took the young girl in his arms. Gemma was compared with a porcelain doll, thanks to its oval face, big beautiful blue eyes, plump lips and a snub nose. Ward first debuted on the Australian fashion week, when she was only 15 years old. She became the youngest model to ever appear on the cover of American "Vogue", and it happened in its incomplete 16 years. Starting with 17, Gemma was on the podium numerous times, and it is at such a young age, she became the face of the perfume "CalvinKlein". At age 18, she became the first model that graced the cover of "TeenVogue". After several years of silence in 2014, Gemma returned to modeling and immediately presented clothes for "Prada". In addition to working model, she plans to make movies and write a book.

Kristina Pimenova

Pimenov - incredibly amazing girl who got into the modeling business not so long ago. But this list of young supermodels would not be complete without mention of this Russian beauty. Pimenov considered "the most beautiful girl in the world", according to the British newspaper "TheDailyMail". She was only 3 years old when she started filming for children's magazines, but its international vocation, she received 9 years, working with brands such as "Prada", "Burberry", "Dolce & Gabbana", "Fendi" and so on. In modeling the girl brought her mother Glikeriya who knows all about this world, because she had once been a model. Many have raised a huge debate on the subject of correctly made Glikeriya that brought her child into the modeling world at such a young age, but the woman replied that nothing bad in it does not see. Her daughter - a beauty, and, according to Glyceria, the beauty of her daughter must assess worldwide. To date, Kristina Pimenova is the most beautiful girl, and, judging by its external data, it is not in vain. In addition to the podium Christine starred in several movies and also auditioned for the role of Bella's daughter in the famous "Twilight Saga," but the girl did not took the sample because of poor English. By the way, Christine has two languages ​​- Russian and Italian.

Lily Cole

With her doll face and bright red hair, Lily Cole is the man whom you definitely remember seeing at least once, and that is in a sense a part of its success in the modeling industry. When she was only 14 years old, it was the first time on the podium, and in 16 years of a girl's face graced the cover of the British magazine "Vogue". When Lily knocked 20, she firmly decided for themselves to do their education and entered the University of Cambridge. At the moment, a girl 27 years old, and she tried not only as a model, but also in the film industry. Lily Cole told in an interview that, despite the fact that it has made significant strides in the modeling business, it is always possible to change the profession, and it is for it especially does not hold, given that it is yet to receive education in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.