Rules strong friendship

• Rules strong friendship

Rules strong friendship

The American psychologist Helen KRAF confident female friendship exists. And it is based on 5 pillars emotional and psychological.

1. Observe the boundaries of personality - their own, and your friend. We, women, emotional outbursts occur for various reasons. Including hormonal. And the better to mark the danger zone than to explain that nothing insulting you had in mind.

2. Install the feedback. For example, the phrase, "is important to me to hear your opinion," "I appreciate what you are for me to do," "I'm so pleased, when you're around", "you give me so helped" and "I'm very grateful," - nourish our relationships and strengthen them.

3. Maintain balance. Periodically conduct an audit of your relationship. Do not you think that someone who for a long time sitting on the neck? If it is so, it is better to talk about it openly. 4. Do not step on the sore spot. Identify topics that criticism, even the most friendly, unacceptable. It can be with men, phobias, alcohol, style of dress. Tranzhirstvo or, conversely, stinginess. And just as we identify areas where over one another can make fun, criticize or give advice.

5. Be friends in real life. Thanks to social networks, friendship is increasingly shifting to the virtual area. This is fine if it is only on the exchange of information. But still try to meet with those who you care about, at least once a month.