Rules that will help you keep up all

Rules that will help you keep up all

Why Stickers - evil, how to stop postponing unpleasant matters and what is the method of "50-10-50"

We live in a constant state of lack of time. We have to work on multiple tasks at the same time, every day we get a huge amount of information, and e-mail messages, instant messengers, and calls do not give focus. And after all still have to look into the social networks: Do not miss if we do something important in the lives of friends and the whole world. How to save time and energy for the important things? First of all, you must get rid of the "thieves", silently stealing from us minute by minute every day, reduce the amount of energy and motivation.

1. Eliminate clutter

We tend to underestimate the consequences of chaos on your desktop or in your mailbox. This happens because people are considering alternatives in the short term. Bringing the desktop to the procedure takes about an hour, and the search for a specific file in the chaos of "only" two minutes. The fact that we are losing these minutes several times a day, five days a week, few people think. In fact, the time required to bring the desktop computer and the mailbox in order pay off in a few weeks. And do not forget that you will no longer get angry and lose motivation, trying to find the files.

Try to make sure that nothing distracts you from work and the computer. To do this, shift all the items (the colored stickers, plain stand with pens and pencils, etc.) on the edge of the table. Between you and the monitor, as well as at a distance of 10-15 cm from this invisible path should not be anything other than the keyboard and mouse. Objects that are in our field of vision, distract us, reduce the concentration. The strongest source of distraction - stickers with a list of things you need to accomplish. You are working on a particular task, and here you are in the eye catches a sticker with the task №2. You read, ponder, and this problem - and that you have already lost a few minutes.

2. Eat frogs usually

There is a small unpleasant tasks we constantly delayed. Maybe it's an unpleasant conversation with a subordinate, a request for a pay rise or a phone call. Such problems are called frogs. Every day we say to ourselves: "Today I will do exactly ...", but again and again to postpone the case until later. And they steal our energy and time to mentally we keep coming back to them, distracting from more important matters. We blame ourselves that we did not have the will to cope with the task of yesterday and the day before (the list goes on), and lose confidence. In addition, the works on the solution of which would be enough for a few minutes, can eventually turn into a serious problem.

Get the right to decide on such a task in the day, at one and the same time. Create your own comfort: pour the tea, take a piece of chocolate and start. If we solve the unpleasant task in the morning - it will create a positive mood and energize you for the day. You will feel proud because we were able to overcome themselves. Make a list and take action.

3. Keep focus

Our brain is designed so that to enter the first you need to tune in to our full capacity. The first 5-10 minutes, we are working at half strength, and only then productivity increases. If you are distracted - will have to go through the setup process again. At the same time to carry out the important work of large problems need long time slices. To work on the priorities I use "method 50-10-50": fifty minutes you are working on a task without distraction, then for 10 minutes maximum change activity. It is best to leave the office and walk or do light exercise, and then run for 50 minutes. On the day make no more than two such cycles: they require moral costs and physical strength. The cycle of "50-10-50" need to carefully prepare. Put the phone on silent mode, close your work e-mail, discuss with colleagues all urgent matters that may require your participation, and proceed. In order to measure the time, use the online timer. You have to immerse themselves in the work and not think about the time when it will end - bell timer. At first you will feel very uncomfortable: you will have to pull the phone or check email. While working on a method of 50-10-50 is not a habit, you will be distracted and forget that the segment is not completed in 50 minutes.

4. Get rid of the rake

Having spent quite a bit of effort and be smart, we can once and for all get rid of mischievous thief and save a lot of time and nerves. It's about to be removed from the path of "rake", which you regularly tread. So, one of my employees, which is engaged in the placement of materials customers on social networks and on the site complained that she send low-quality photos (to tell the truth, she was right). Clients had to alter image, there were delays in the laying out of the material. These "rake" and would lay on her way, if we do not decide to fix the problem. We have compiled a "fotopomoschnik client" with examples of how not to do, and perfect photo there, and the problem disappeared.

Let's go a little further in the fight against the "rake". There is an excellent tool used in project management, which allows not only to eliminate them, but also learn from problematic situations and good luck in business and the benefits. He called Issue BackLog: the document in excel, which consists of two parts: the successes and challenges. Each part, in turn, consists of several sections: a detailed description of the success / problems, the factors that led to success / led to the problem and how the lessons learned can be used in the future. Using the Issue BackLog helps over time to reduce the amount of "rake" to a minimum and significantly improve the quality of your work, services, goods or services you produce or provide. The methods that I have described will help to increase productivity in a few times, and free up time to spend with family, friends and your hobbies. Just do not rush "in the pool with his head". Start with the fact that you do the easiest, and then, when the use of the tool becomes a habit, add the following element. And do not let more than to steal your time, because this resource can not be filled.