As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?

The Bible says that Jesus was crucified and died a martyr's death for the sins of men. And know this, even atheists. But the fact that almost all of his students were killed violently, not everyone knows. In fact, only the apostle John escaped the torture and died a natural death. And what happened to the others?

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?

The Crucifixion 1.

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


The Savior was not only crucified. This form of punishment was often apply the Romans. In addition to Jesus' crucifixion they had been deprived of the life of his three disciples - Philip, Thaddeus and Simon the Zealot.

2. The crucifixion upside down

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


The apostle Peter was also sentenced to death by crucifixion. Unlike the usual crucifixion, Peter was crucified upside down (some sources claim that Philip was crucified as well). It is believed that this was done because Peter refused to die the same way as Jesus, because "he was just a student and was not worthy to die like his teacher."

The idea that the executioners allowed the victim to choose how it will be executed, to put it mildly, controversial. Historical records do not prove nor disprove it. However, in Christian circles, it is assumed that the decision to crucify Peter upside down was taken because he asked for it. Unlike traditional crucifixion, in which the victim usually dies of suffocation, Peter's death is likely to come faster from a brain haemorrhage.

3. Binding to the cross

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


Apostle Andrew was crucified. He was severely scourged, as it was common practice to "prepare the victim to death." However, Andrew is not nailed to the cross, and was tied to it. Unlike Jesus, who died after six hours of suffering, Andrew remained alive on the cross for more than two days, suffering from all the same pains caused by crucifixion, except pain and bleeding from the stab wounds.

4. Decapitation

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?

James, son of Zebedee

Decapitation - a public execution, and a quick death for the victim. While science still does not know exactly how long a person feels something after decapitation, it is believed that consciousness remains for a few seconds after the execution. Student, executed by beheading, was James, son of Zebedee.

The most unusual in his death - this is not how he died, but the fact that with him died the man, because he was on the chopping block. Someone falsely accused Jacob of breaking the law. This charge led to the death of the Apostle. However, Jacob said to have been so brave before his execution that his accuser repented for his false accusations, believe in Christianity and asked to behead him with James. The executioners cut off both their heads at the same time.

5. Remove the skin

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


Bartholomew died in terrible agony. First with his skin removed (and this is enough to die of shock), and then another, and beheaded. Most likely, at the time, as he cut off his head, he was dead, and this terrible act was supposed to be a public intimidation.

6. spear

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


One of the students spent a few more days until he finally punched denied vital organs as a result of hitting a spear. The name of the student was Thomas. Usually stab wound could result in death due to blood loss over time. However, Thomas was different. After Jesus died, he went to preach Christianity in India (and today there are "Christians of St. Thomas" in the country), where he received several blows with a spear in the chest. A piece of iron spear broke off and remained in his body. As a result, Thomas died from loss of blood, and from what was the tip that pierced his lung, pierced the heart and tore his liver in his chest cavity.

7. stabbed

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


St. Matthew was stabbed with a knife in the back (however, various sources have versions that Matthew was burned, stoned to death or beheaded). If we consider the first version, he lost consciousness and died from blood loss. Most likely if such a wound he had struck the lungs or kidneys. Either way, his death was slower than the death of Thomas spear.

8. stoning

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?

James the son

Jesus had two students named Jacob. We have already mentioned James, son of Zebedee, who were beheaded, and the other was the son of Alpheus. James son of Alpheus stoned. When it turned out that he had survived, he finished off after breaking the skull of a thick wooden stick.

In fact, the people as a result of a traumatic brain injury may experience convulsions, paralysis and distortion of consciousness. However, given Jacob damage to the body, the effects of traumatic brain injury could not be the main cause of death. Perhaps he had a cramp, and Jacob lost consciousness, has died from a combination of blood loss.

9. Suicide by hanging

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?

Judas Iscariot

One of the best known of Jesus' disciples, Judas Iscariot, who also died a violent death. The only difference was that Judas was not killed for his beliefs, and he committed suicide by hanging himself. Hanging may result in rapid loss of consciousness or be terribly long and painful process. This depends on whether the person neck breaks after falling (when it has emboss of the stand under the feet). If the neck is broken, the victim loses consciousness for a few seconds. However, if it is not broken, then people hanging and choking for a certain period of time before you lose consciousness. In any event, death generally occurs within 5-20 minutes. It is not known whether the neck is broken or not Judas.

10. Sawing in half

As died the apostles of Jesus Christ?


The Bible mentions another way, which have killed Jesus' disciples (not one of the 12 apostles) -

sawing living human in half. The executioners are usually sawed victim groin ostavlli to die in agony.

Of all the disciples of Christ only John escaped a violent death. He was exiled to the island, where he lived to a ripe old age. By the way, I have been in the history of the 13th and the disciple whom "appointed" to replace Judas Iscariot - his name is Matt. But his death is not recorded in the history.