"With sweet heaven in a tent!" Or 5 of the smallest houses in the world

Some argue that it is always better to have more than less, and this applies not only to different things and girls, but also to the square meter. However, the small and cozy home at times much better than the huge mansions and cottages. But in this case it depends purely on the human taste.

Benefits specific small houses that are easy to move. Some of the people have built their own houses themselves have developed their plan and design. Most of these people do not really like much for a long time to linger in one place, so for them the best option at home - a house on wheels. Today we have prepared for you a few interesting little houses that you must conquer its compactness and excellent interior design.

A tiny square house, Idaho

In fact, divorce becomes a challenge for both sides, that if someone did not say, especially if the divorce process is not as smooth as we would like. All this turmoil with the lawyers have a meeting with his ex-girlfriend / lover could well pull the nerves on both sides. Some comes complete depression and apathy, while others, on the contrary, gain strength, letting go of the past painful relationship, and stormed up new horizons. Now we speak about the second type of people. This nasty thing as divorce, suffered and architectural designer Macy Miller. Her divorce proceedings dragged on for several years, and eventually the woman was left without a home. It would seem that the time to just give up, go to the teeth to the wall and forget about what is happening in this world, but everything turned out quite differently. Macy has decided to build his own house and put his idea in only 11 400 dollars. Its small and cozy cottage area of ​​18, 21 square meters, and now she shares it with her new boyfriend and newborn child.

House Yolo, California

This is a very interesting house is located on a farm in Yolo County, California. The inspiration for this building served as the water towers, and it is in their image and likeness of such a little has been created, but very practical and cozy house. The main part of the house rises above the ground to allow air to circulate inside the premises during the hot California night. The dwelling is constructed on the multilayer beams, so the design itself can move as desired.

The house on wheels

This is what it means to follow their dreams, no matter what. A few years ago, a young couple decided that they were tired every day to go to work and even to go into the normal household routine. They have firmly decided for themselves to fulfill their dreams, giving up all that they associate with past life. The couple decided to be a writer to write about travel and travel the world, respectively. They do not pack their bags and rushed to buy a plane ticket, and decided to build his own home on wheels. In the photo above you can see that they came of it. Simple and rustic, is not it? Building such a house is not here took a pair of long, and soon they went on a journey, following their dreams. They do not want to stop anywhere for a long time, because they want to see the whole world. But all interested in the question of where they will receive the money. According to this young couple, they decided to make it on his blog, which is conducted from the beginning of his journey.

Little House, Tokyo

The designers of this structure set out to build a cozy and compact home for one of the couple and their newborn baby in a small area in Tokyo. Given that the budget was limited, and the couple refused to buy just any house in the village, the architects faced a serious problem, because in such a small area of ​​such a structure would accommodate the need that would fit into a bedroom for the parents, a room for the baby and a bathroom. It had decided to make the house high and, therefore, hold all of the above. The only caveat is that to go to the toilet or in the shower, you must climb to the fourth floor.

House "matchbox", Washington, DC

And this is the case when a person has decided to not only create a small house, but also to give up, so to speak, from the benefits of civilization, so that you can enjoy life without the various gadgets, lights and so on. Simply put, to become a hermit. Of course, it is strange and very unclear why he decided to do it in Washington, a densely populated city, but creative people have always been a little strange (in a good sense). Designer and photographer Jane Austen decided to build a "harmonious home", and as a result he got a house of 13, 01 square meter with carbon-neutral, not connected to the mains, and full self-sufficiency. He named his house "matchbox", which is consistent with the above presented photos of this creation.