The series "Friends" was sent to the USSR

• The series "Friends" was sent to the USSR

Let's start with the fact that the show is likely to be called the "comrade". Well, after all it would be something like this ...

The series

1. All the characters live in a communal apartment.

2. No "Central Perk" does not exist.

3. The comrades are going to talk over dinner in the common kitchen. At the same table in the kitchen is constantly busy with other of their neighbors in the apartment.

4. After dinner all together drinking tea from a large tin cups.

5. Of course, all the characters of the series (except for Phoebe) in the party.

6. Ross works as a junior researcher in the Paleontological Institute of the AA Borisyak the USSR Academy of Sciences.

7. He loves to wrap sandwiches with him to work with the cooked sausage.

8. Several times a week Ross rides a trolley to night school at the other end of town, where he teaches history.

9. Before moving to communal Ross, together with his young wife, Carol lived in the family residence.

10. Since the family room of the two units received the wife of Ross, after the divorce, he lost the right to live in a hostel and was forced to move out.

11. After a divorce, Ross only occasionally visits the Carol and child.

12. Ross and Carol at work and at home are subjected to public condemnation.

13. Chandler is an accountant in a small design office.

14. He regularly smokes cigarettes "Kazbek" and not even trying to quit.

15. Girlfriend Chandler - Janice - annoys him with his favorite phrase, "You see what it's done something."

16. Sam Chandler of kulak family, which is constantly ashamed.

17. During the dinner together with friends in a communal Chandler constantly tells interesting stories from his own life and stories in which no one believes. 18. In his spare time, he writes in such a small notes, essays and satires.

19. One of these comic stories that Chandler decided to send to the editor of "Spark" under a pseudonym, had even published.

20. Once Chandler nearly evicted from a communal apartment, because he keeps himself sent by relatives from the village of duck, goose and other animals.

The series

21. Rachel moved to Moscow from the provinces to go to theater school and avoid marriage imposed by parents.

22. At the time of entrance examinations, she met Joe.

23. Joe - a student-loser, who is on the verge of departure from the Institute after the second year.

24. Not having sufficient means of subsistence, Joe is trying to look for jobs in the local musical theater.

25. Joe is popular with girls and each time met with them using the same phrase: "Girl! A girl! What is your name?"

26. During its relatively carefree lifestyle he is periodically subjected to public condemnation.

27. Joe promises to help Rachel with the receipt and gives her some acting lessons.

28. Rachel still does not arrive.

29. Not wanting to go home, where waiting for her parents, she takes a job as a clerk in the dining room.

30. In the dining room, Rachel met with Monica, who works there as a cook.

31. Due to the fact that she always have to taste the food during cooking, Monica has not lost weight.

32. Every day she brings to supper with changing products hidden in a bag.

33. Monica just loves to put things in order. She's the only one who is removed in a communal apartment.

34. Because of his love in all to be first and best, she actively participates in the other comrades of the Party work. 35. No one knows what actually takes Phoebe. She regularly disappears from the communal a few days, but then returned.

36. In those days, when Phoebe is still at home, she entertains friends playing the guitar.

37. In particular, everyone likes, she performs "Murka".

38. Among the comrades there are rumors that Phoebe was arrested for connection with a den of thieves in the Marina Roscha.

39. During your life Phoebe is periodically subjected to public condemnation.

40. Gunther works in the communal guard and janitor at the same time. For this he was given a small single room with no bathroom.

The series

41. Ganter secretly in love with Rachel. Encountering no reciprocity, he begins to take revenge on the girl, reporting "where to" all her adventures and behavior, which seems to him obscene.

42. We live in adjacent rooms communal Ross and Rachel tied relationship.

43. One day they even decide to get married, but can not do so, since the registrar does not work at night and in general on the marriage need to be recorded for the six months ahead.

44. Before that day, Rachel tries to tell Ross that they need a break in the relationship, but in the end decided not to do it, so as "not to teach her mother, so to speak with the men."

45. After numerous difficulties and problems they do decide to get married, after Ross finds Rachel's pregnancy. Comrade can not afford to leave a pregnant girl.

46. ​​In spite of the conclusion of a formal marriage, the couple in the course of several years, periodically subjected to public condemnation.

47. All this does not prevent Rachel to make a career. A young girl leaves the dining room and finds a job as a clerk in the GUM. 48. Monica's career is also going up the hill - it first became a senior cook, then head of the dining room.

49. Once all the comrades together on turputevku sent to the Crimea. There falls in love with Monica and Chandler's first kiss with him, and not daring to do more.

50. Later, Monica marries Chandler, and they think together about how to move from communal into a separate housing. Young family becomes in turn the resettlement.

51. At the same time, Joe hardly ends Theater. He gets his first major role - Joseph Stalin's role in the film begins and little-known director.

52. This allows Joe to move from a large communal service apartment in "Stalin" and get a cash prize.

53. On the money Joe buys a brand new "Volga", a refrigerator and a number of foreign consumer goods. Rumor has it that he even keeps at home currency.

54. Phoebe once leaves and does not return.

55. Even after his disappearance, it continues for a long time exposed to public condemnation.

56. All episodes of the series associated with the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, taking place during the New Year.

57. All episodes are associated with memories of the comrades of the past, built around the stories of how life was "before the war".

58. Gunter, because of which the comrades often became a subject of public condemnation, he is exposed to public condemnation since become an inveterate drunkard begins to learn about Ross and Rachel forced marriage.