"And a good and comely, but not mine." A few signs that this is clearly not your significant other

We all know that sometimes the person can make the wrong choice. This is quite normal and acceptable, because nobody knows what he really can bring his choice. But there are moments when the veil of love overshadows his eyes so that people just do not realize that a relationship that at first seemed clearly very successful, but in fact did not for him.

Most women and men actually forget to look at the relationship simply because they already are wearing rose-colored glasses, but has not yet been removed. At the beginning of the relationship, as a rule, the reality recedes, and when the man returns to earth, often, it is too hurt and offended by the fact that it did so. Today's article is devoted to the subject, we do not just relationships, and the way in time to recognize that the other half of you is clearly not appropriate. It is relevant to both women and men.

Constant quarrels and suspicions

Of course, arguments are inevitable in relationships, as long as you, so to speak, "lapped" to each other. It is not necessary to sound the alarm, because in some moments of your views differ from the second half, it's okay. People with the same thoughts, emotions, aspirations, goals, and feelings just does not happen. But if you realize that arguments stably continue every day, and often this is a completely ridiculous reasons, you should start thinking. If a woman is constantly checks when her lover was in social networks, check e-mail, and so on - it's wrong. Same thing on the part of men. Climb into the personal space of another person is strictly prohibited, unless he does not wish to.

Total control by one partner can be for various reasons. It is likely that all the fault of the former relationship in which someone changed, or low self-esteem. But remember, this is not a reason to brazenly climb into your space. Talk with your partner and explain that, despite the fact that you are his / her love, personal space should be. If your conversations do not give, then, alas, it's not your man simply because control by your sweetheart or lover will eventually be extended to all aspects of your life.

"Jealous - it means love"

Very often, many people are sure that the more jealousy in a relationship is, the more a person supposedly loves you. This is a very big misconception. Jealousy, in certain cases, is extremely damaging to the relationship, especially if it is "unhealthy." Jealous is possible and necessary only if there is a reason to, but otherwise - it is not an indication of love, but only a desire to tame the man himself, to make a soul mate property. In most cases, jealousy - is an indicator of more self-doubt, no doubt, and so on.

particularly ardent and jealous revnivitsy afraid to show that they can go for treason and unconsciously trying all their secret insecurities transferred to your partner. Alas, the love that attitude does not even smell. Despite the fact that people like, as well as good. Unfortunately, the talks in this case does not help. If jealousy is simply dwarfs eyes of your significant other, and you, in turn, do not give the slightest reason to doubt yourself - go. She / it is clearly not for you.

The distance is still some interference

In some cases, people tend to believe that the distance in the relationship did not hurt to build a solid foundation for future life together. This, of course, well, if love is strong and there are ways and means to move to the city or country where your loved one lives. But let's be realistic, very few cases where people really stand long separation. Over time, all the same begin to appear some doubts, fears and feelings about what is out there doing your favorite or favorite.

Dating online is now very common, but in the long-distance relationship very few agree. Believe me, no calls to Skype or everyday correspondence can not replace the warmth of a loved one close by. And even if the warm feeling will stay with you, it is unlikely that such a relationship will last long. Therefore, premeditated, whether such or not you need.

Doubts about the correctness of his choice

To doubt - this is normal. In a relationship can sometimes be afraid and nervous about their future life with this man (if you have plans to get married or get married). In a healthy relationship fears and doubts - that's fine, because after a certain time, when people get to know each other better, they begin to understand how best to act, and what to do in any given situation. But it's normal, healthy relationship. If you are constantly in doubt about the choice, it's a sure sign that something is very wrong in your life. No need to ignore these signals.