Rating of the most expensive teams, "Formula 1" in 2017

Rating of the most expensive teams,

Why "Ferrari" almost twice as expensive as the "Mercedes"

Since January 2017, "Formula 1" run the new owners - Liberty Media company US billionaire John Malone. Bernie replaced the management team set up to reform, to bring back racing and intrigue the viewer. However, all of the major innovations (for example, cost control commands) postponed until 2021, when the current contracts expire with the participants of the championship.

In the meantime, "Formula-1" offers the usual subjects. "Mercedes' ahead of the track (kontruktorov victory in the Cup standings and pilots for four years in a row), and" Ferrari "- in a ranking of the most valuable teams, each year receiving $ 100 million only for its historical status. In 2016 thanks to the "extra" step in the calendar (21 instead of the usual 20) income of the organizers of the championship has increased by $ 80 million, which increased the total amount of payments to the teams up to $ 986 million - is 9% more than in 2015. Other details about the financial status of the participants, "Formula 1" - on.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

1. "Ferrari", Italy

The estimated cost of $ 1, 33 billion

Income of $ 349 million

Operating profit of $ 36 million

Most favored team, "Formula 1" receives annually $ 100 million only for their participation in the championship - so paid its historical status. In addition, in 2016 the income Scuderia Ferrari parent company increased by more than $ 100 million due to higher sponsorship revenues in the "F-1" and supplies engines to other teams major racing series in the world.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

2. "Mercedes", Germany

The estimated cost of $ 695 million

Income of $ 376 million

Operating profit of $ 19 million

In 2017, the team won a fourth consecutive victory in the Constructors' Championship. Financial statements for 2016 shows a significant second income due to higher sponsorship revenues and prize money. When this command is only for staff spends more than $ 100 million a year.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

3. "McLaren", United Kingdom

The estimated cost of $ 640 million

Income of $ 233 million

Operating profit - $ 4 million

In recent years, "McLaren" lost his place in the top 3 most powerful teams, "Formula 1" and the record-low for nearly 50 years, the 9 th place in the Constructors' Championship in 2015 had a negative impact on financial performance in 2016. Perhaps one of the reasons for unsuccessful performances became a partnership with Honda, was launched in 2015. In September 2017 the contract was canceled ahead of time - next season supplier of engines for the "McLaren" will, "Reno".

Rating of the most expensive teams,

4. "Red Bull Racing", Austria

The estimated cost of $ 620 million

Income of $ 236 million

Operating profit of $ 1 million

Reporting "Red Bull" reports profit, but a significant portion of revenue comes from the Red Bull GmbH parent company and recorded as "sponsored income". In 2016 they increased by 4 times - up to $ 53 million, however, total income rose by only $ 22 million, suggesting a decrease in the effectiveness of other sources of income (in 2015, "Red Bull" finished 4th -. This was the worst result since 2008).

Rating of the most expensive teams,

5. "Williams", United Kingdom

The estimated cost of $ 405 million

Income of $ 152 million

Operating profit of $ 12 million

Financial success, "Williams' impressive. In 2016 an independent franchise showed a decent profit thanks to a third place in the 2015 championship, fluctuations in exchange rates, as well as compensation of $ 4 million from the "Mercedes" for the transition to the German team pilot Valtteri Bottas.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

6. "Force India", India

The estimated cost of $ 215 million

Income of $ 100 million

Operating profit - $ 29 million

Although one of the smallest budgets in the league, "Force India" had a great season in 2016 and won high 4th place in kontruktorov Cup. However, after the arrest of Vijay Mallya team owner on charges of money laundering ambitions "Force India" in the top 5 of the championship, "Formula 1" in question.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

7. "Renault", France

The estimated cost of $ 212 million

Income of $ 155 million

Operating profit - $ 2 million

At the end of 2015 the carmaker, "Reno", long advocated tire supplier for the participants of the "Formula 1", bought almost bankrupt "Lotus" and returned to racing with a factory team. The first season was not very successful (only 9-th place in the Constructors' Championship), but the first results of the 2016 revenue increased by 53%, and the financial losses were insignificant.

Rating of the most expensive teams,

8. "Toro Rosso", Italy

The estimated cost of $ 180 million

Income of $ 158 million

Operating profit - $ 15 million It seems, "Toro Rosso" is changing engine supplier every year, but still manages to retain a place in the middle of the peloton. This is particularly impressive, as the team is actually the youth division of the "Red Bull". Daniel Ricardo and Max Verstappen - current prize pilots the top teams - began to "Toro Rosso".

Rating of the most expensive teams,

9. "Sauber", Switzerland

The estimated cost of $ 110 million

Income of $ 86 million

Operating profit - $ 19 million

In 2016, "Sauber" investment company bought Longbow Finance and it looks like it will have to properly invest in the development team. Two in a row in tenth place in the Constructors' Championship (in 2016 and in 2017) seriously reduce the prize money.

9. "Haas", USA

The estimated cost of $ 108 million

Income of $ 138 million

Operating profit - $ 6 million

The first American team in the "Formula 1" has surpassed the expectations of experts in 1986, finishing the season 2016 on a high for a debutant 8th place. Given the new leadership of the championship plans to introduce cost control commands (which should increase competition), is expected to appear at the "Haas" new interested investors in the near future.