"White and fluffy" Bears are bloodthirsty. Few pictures, which depicted the attack "bears" per person

Almost everyone loves teddy bears. This is a great gift that can cheer up a person. In addition, these bears can take with you to bed and fall asleep with them.

But this teddy bears. And what to speak of the enormous Big Bear? Yes, they are too cute, but, despite this, they live and eat meat and at times human. Of course, for those who live in large metropolitan areas, attacks these toothy beasts can be seen except on TV, but for those who live in more remote areas, meeting with the bear can become very real. Bears tend to attack only when they defend their territory or offspring. Otherwise, they can be quite delicate creatures, believe it or not! Today we have prepared for you the shocking story of a bear attack on humans. Strongly impressionable better not to look at the photo, which will be presented below.

Brown bear attacks man in Bern, Switzerland, 2009

The photo above shows a disabled person who was a victim of a brown bear. The incident took place in Switzerland, Bern in 2009. Bern is famous for its "Bear Park", which is located at the foot of the river Aare. Four bears roam in a fenced place, and many can take a look at them. Thousands of tourists who visit this beautiful city, do not pass by and "Bear Park". Unfortunately, the person who shows up in the morning in 2009 made a fatal mistake. Camera surveillance in the park captured, he was looking at the bears strolling through its territory, about 20 minutes before you jump to them through the fence. Finn, 4-year-old bear, quickly realized that its territory uninvited guest suddenly appeared and wanted to show that this is his place. He lashed out at the man and bit him several times before the staff of the park and were able to intervene several times to shoot the animal. Man was taken to hospital where he was treated for serious wounds. As it turned out, the man is mentally retarded, and at the time of the incident his nurse moved to buy something to eat. Bear, who was shot, was also sent to the treatment and fully recovered his health. Many Swiss have sent pots of honey bear, so he quickly recovered. The woman, torn polar bear in Berlin zoo, 2009

For reasons unknown (at the time) she decided that one April morning, it would be quite nice to jump into the water to the polar bear at the Berlin zoo. 32-year-old woman climbed over the fence and jumped into the water next to the four polar bears who just waited feeding. Despite attempts to divert the zoo workers polar bears, a woman still has bitten one of the older bears several times. Fortunately, zoo staff acted quickly and were able to get her out of the danger zone with a rope. The woman was immediately taken to intensive care. There she stayed for several days before it could translate into a normal ward. Already after a while, the police learned that the jump to the polar bears woman pushed despair. Most recently, she lost her job a teacher, and it covered an awful depression on this occasion. Strolling around the zoo, she came to the polar bears and realized it was a good way to commit suicide. Zoo officials have since presented against her that they jeopardize themselves, animals and people. The polar bear, which has bitten her, was not killed.

Hunter attacked twice the same bear in Montana, 2016

Todd Orr is one of the most avid hunters. Once in Madison County 50-year-old man went to hunt moose. Not having time to notice that nearby was a bear and her two cubs, Orr decided to continue their journey to find a suitable place for shooting. I do not know for what reason the bear decided to change course, but not being able to look back, the hunter was in the tenacious paws of the bear itself. Todd got out and was able to splash in the face of a pet a special spray that was supposed to scare him, but this is bad work. She attacked again at Orr and began to bite his head and neck, and at that moment the man fell face down to the ground. Bear retreated, and when it could not be seen on the horizon, the hunter, who was still able to walk, began his 3-kilometer journey back to his truck. But at some point bear he returned and again attacked the man, biting his hand. Amazingly, he survived, and, moreover, Todd Orr got to the nearest hospital in his truck. There he was treated for a long time from severe injuries, which caused him to bear. The man survived and told his story on my page to Facebook.