"Sport Shooting at live targets", or some terrible details of the bloodiest massacres in US history

On the night of October 1, 2017 the world for many Americans who had gathered to relax, hang out and listen to good old country on the Route 91 Festival, he turned all upside down. Quite unremarkable-looking 64-year-old man named Steven Paddock stood in the window of his room on the top floor of the hotel a popular, loaded a modified semi-automatic rifle and opened fire on the crowd, which had no chance to escape the arrow on the hill.

just a few minutes Paddock with its secluded position claimed the lives of 58 participants of the festival and wounded more than 500 people who were nothing more than living targets for shooting sports for him.

This massacre was the deadliest mass murder using a firearm in US history. Still not known what prompted a man brutally settle accounts with complete strangers and innocent people, however, the subsequent investigation of the incident revealed several shocking and terrible details that pour more oil on the fire and make the eve of the first of October is even more bleak and black day in the history of America.

Law Abiding Citizen

For many of us, it surely will sound crazy, but all twenty-three firearms, which the shooter took with him, and carried to the room, preparing for the hunt for random people, were bought by them quite legally, in full compliance with federal law and the laws of the State.

As would be unfortunate as it may sound, but the tragedy in Las Vegas could eventually attract the attention of the authorities to a glaring loophole in the Firearms Act, which took advantage of the shooter. Although even the famous Second Amendment does not allow ordinary Americans to own a fully automatic rifles, Paddock was able to easily get around the ban by setting its special rifle butt to fire bursts, freely sold in stores without any special permits.

Due to such a modification, the killer could instead of one bullet per shot release of his rifle over a hundred rounds per minute, brought down on the heads of passers-by a hail of deadly lead.

stray bullet

International Airport Mc Carran, a major traffic artery in Las Vegas through which to Sin City, millions of passengers arriving daily, on the night of the tragedy is almost on the brink of disaster. A few stray bullets fired crazy shooter, hit straight to the airport fuel storage - more white tanks to the brim filled with highly inflammable and explosive jet fuel.

At this time, numerous automated airport failed to prevent the ignition of jet fuel security, the idea that has only one or two successful well-aimed shot can easily be turned into the ruins of a good half of the famous City of Lights, has led many people in Las Vegas a real panic.

apple from apple

When trying to find at least some motive that prompted Steven Paddock murder, police began a thorough background check hand, it turned out that the violence in the truest sense of the words was a man of blood.

It turned out that the father of the arrow named Benjamin Paddock last ranked in the top ten most wanted criminals of America compiled by the FBI. Paddock Sr. was sent to prison for a few daring bank robberies, however, he ran out, and more than a decade on the run, hiding from the law enforcement agencies. Although the mother of Steven never told him about his father and lied, that a man long since dead and in the grave, in this case, as would be sad as it may sound, criminal genes still be more than taken their toll.

Victims could be much greater than

According to the frightening findings that police found during a search of the car Paddock, arrows from Las Vegas is by no means limited to the planned concert visitors. Recording with CCTV cameras in the hotel, as well as accommodation and car criminal search warrant revealed that in addition to a whole arsenal of rifles and pistols available at Paddock had several bullet-proof vests and more than 20 kilograms of chemicals required for the manufacture of explosives.

The police said that if the staff did not try to enter the room to the Paddock for a few minutes before the shooting and found erected their barricades, in the turmoil of the arrow easily able to leave the scene of the crime and to continue to collect lists of the dead, but with the help of an impressive stock of home-made bombs.