"Buy a ticket, guess tsiferki!" Five or entertaining things that happen to you are more likely than winning the lottery

Come on, surely each of us, including even the most inveterate skeptics, at least once in life, and wanted to win on the tram, sorry, on lottery tickets. In the end, this whole thing with guessing numbers and many thousands jackpots sounds pretty simple and attractive, is not it?

You buy a ticket (or two rubles, or five, or ten), crossed out the lucky numbers, for example, the birthday of his mother, a year when you lost my virginity, or the number of sexual partners of your beloved former, you look like a smiling guy in suit pulls out of the drum the desired balls, and voila, done. You'll find tropical islands, multi-storey mansions and luxury cars.

However, as the relentless statistics, the chance that your rosy dreams of success come true and you become the proud owner of the jackpot amount, for example, one million US dollars, is about 1 to 11, 688, 053, 52 . But come on, do not worry! In case of a lottery did not work out, we have prepared for you a selection of no less than five of interesting things that can happen to you with a few more likely than the rain of green presidents.

You will fly into space

Yes, although the candidates who wish to join the proud ranks of NASA astronauts need to pass one of the most difficult and demanding competitive selection all over the world, your chance of realizing the cherished childhood dream and go to Mars is still higher than the odds win the lottery. If you have completed higher education, are in excellent physical shape, does not suffer from problems with heart, you have a strong stomach and tolerable pilot skills, the likelihood that you will become an astronaut is about 1 to 42, 000, which, of course, is not so lot, but in any case higher than one chance in a billion.

You will die by the bite of wasp

When you wasp stings, it is certainly unpleasant, but many of us in his life has gone through successfully is not one bite of these insidious insects. In fact, the likelihood that these black and yellow servants of Satan torment you to death with their stings, growing out of that place is somewhere 1 to 64, 706, which is about 4, 515 times more likely than winning the lottery . So, the next time you go to the gas station for a lottery ticket, do not forget to make sure that nearby there is no signs of a furious and potentially fatal wasp swarm. A dangerous thing - to buy tickets.

You will become the US president

It is even a little better, do not you? But everywhere it has its disadvantages. Most of us, of course, a priori do not satisfy the requirements for potential candidates for the elections, and can continue to keep playing the lottery. But if suddenly you still lucky enough to be born in America, your chances to win the presidency and gain access to the coveted red button is approximately 1 to 10, 000, 000, which is still slightly higher than the probability of winning the lottery. In general, go for it. And yes, for publicity, "Durex. You take anywhere, really go anywhere. "

You are born conjoined twins

This is definitely far less cool than to become the President of America or to fly into space, but not as sad as to die from the bite of the evil wasps. According to statistics, the Siamese twins are born about one in 200, 000, and, unfortunately, many of them do not survive. However, you just imagine! If you're lucky, you'll be able to upload pictures of their conjoined twins in the joy of all Instragram # yazhmateryam, shoot funny videos to YouTube, and one day they will be able to easily provide you well-fed old age, to make a career in show business or in porn.

You canonized as a saint

So you personally, my friend, of course, is hardly less sin need long winter evenings, but in theory all the same statistics states that the lifetime residence in heaven will get you all the same with a somewhat higher probability than a lottery jackpot. In general, the chance that the Catholic Church chooses to canonize you as a saint, is about 1 in 20, 000, 000 that are still fifteen times greater than the probability to guess cherished tsiferki. Yes, of course, a million dollars for the sanctity of you, of course, no one will, but you must agree, this is not so bad. Who knows, maybe if you recognize a saint, then a couple of decades in another Poklonsky zamirotochit have your bust.