Animals that helped people survive

Animals on the planet not only disappear, but revived. The man not only destroy them, but also protects. In this article we will talk about the rescued fauna.

Snow Leopard

Animals that helped people survive
  • 2008: approximately 2,000-3,000 animals, in Russia - 20-30 (data differ due to the migration of animals).
  • 2017: 7500 animals, including in Russia - 80-100.

This gorgeous cat - one of the symbols of Siberia and the Far East. Snow leopard lives in remote mountain areas, making it difficult to observe them, but does not prevent poaching - for valuable skins, spots which are unique as the person's fingerprint. Also, leopards are often caught in a loop-traps set for other animals. Since the beginning of the century the population decreased by 20%, the view was under threat of extinction.

Recent years, 12 countries in Central Asia, including China, Belarus, Bhutan, Mongolia, Russia, to implement the program of protection of places, including the creation of special natural areas and the fight against poaching. Moreover, in addition to government fines go towards improving the quality of life of residents of the regions, education and even attract former hunters to conservation activities.

September 14, 2017 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Natural Resources officially translated leopard from the category of "endangered species" in "vulnerable". But this does not mean that the snow leopard is no longer in need of protection, a reduction in population has slowed and even seen a slight increase in some regions.

Giant Panda

Animals that helped people survive
  • XI-XII century has been considered uncommon.
  • 2017: approximately 2060 animals.

In the world there are 1864 adult pandas. Cubs about 200, but there is no exact data. Meet charming bamboo bear in the wild is now almost impossible. Giant Panda destroyed by poachers, was under pressure from civilization (deforestation) and has even been the subject of diplomacy (China used the animals to establish relations with the partner countries). In addition, she had not breed in captivity. Giant Panda - endemic, it was considered a rarity even 1000 years ago, although the exact number chronicle animals for obvious reasons, do not include. Disaster almost occurred in the 80s of the last century, but the view is preserved and gradually restored. IUCN has translated giant pandas in the Red Book of the category "endangered" to "vulnerable" in 2016. It's simple - for the killing of bears in China the death penalty. And in rehabilitation centers on pandas running the entire staff - from cleaners to nurses.

Przewalski's Horse

Animals that helped people survive
  • 1969: 0 animals in the wild.
  • 2017: 2000 animals.

"They swept past like a hurricane, and instantly disappeared from view" - so Przewalski recalled his first meeting with the wild horse in Mongolia. However, in 1969 this species in nature disappeared. If it is not in some zoological gardens planet descendants of 11 animals caught in Dzungaria in the early XX century on the Przewalski's horses could only talk in the past tense.

Now there are about 2,000 Przewalski horses, and the main threat to them - closely ties that limit the viability of the species.

Since 1992, work is underway to reintroduce the species in nature. The first centers were in Mongolia, and in 2015 the first function in the first Russian reintroduction center in the Orenburg Reserve.

The Amur tiger

Animals that helped people survive
  • 1940: 40 animals.
  • 2017: 600 animals.

The hunt for Tiger (tiger skins price on the black market today can be up to one million rubles) and the reduction of habitats due to deforestation taiga resulted in an environmental disaster. Measures to restore the population began in the second half of the XX century and continued in the XXI. In 2012, the reserve was created, "Sredneussuriysky", which forms the migration trail of Amur tigers in China. In 2013, he founded the Foundation for Amur tiger conservation in Russia. The extermination of the beast fell, and today there is a slow but steady growth of the population. Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky September 22, 2017 stated that the number of Amur tigers in the Primorye Territory reached 460 individuals. All in all, in Russia there are 550 tigers (there are in the Khabarovsk Territory), and 10% of the world population lives in Manchuria - total in the world about a little more than 600 individuals.

The northern fur seal

Animals that helped people survive
  • 911 year: 9600 animals.
  • 2017: 1, 1 million animals.

The famous naturalist Georg Steller (the same doctor, who opened the world's Steller's Sea Cow) described the northern fur seal in 1741. He spoke of "countless herds of cats", which were located on the shores of the North Pacific. If the seals were less agile, they would have suffered the fate of the said cows that no longer exists for almost three centuries.

Uncontrolled fishing has led to a sharp reduction in the number of species. Localization of a large number of islands it possible to avoid total destruction. You can see how the population has evolved in the Commander Islands: 1, 5 million individuals (one of the largest populations in the world) by 1911 there remained only 9600. Such a drop in the number of seals has led to the conclusion of the International Convention on the Protection of them, which was signed by the United States, Canada , Japan and Russia. Two more Conventions (1923 and 1957) have consolidated security type, and the number has been increasing. Today, the population of northern fur seals in the world is estimated to be 1, 1 million. In Russia, on the Bering Island, still fished in a small volume.


Animals that helped people survive
  • 1910: a critical decline in the population with the vast number tens of thousands.
  • 2017 80 000 animals.

Cute marsupial Green continent has always suffered from massive outbreaks of chlamydia - it is called AIDS koalas. And since the end of the XIX century it was added to the extermination of the thick fur.

Koala different trust and some sluggishness. Hunters easily animal lured into the traps directly removed from the branches and were shot at close range. Instead of running away or defend himself, the koala in a stressful situation stiffens. Such a state even has been called "stress syndrome koala". The result - the mass destruction of animals across the continent, through skins went to hundreds of thousands. In 1927, the government banned hunting koalas and by 1954, there has been progress in the restoration of the species. Today, according to estimates of Australian protect koalas, there live about 80 000 animals. But environmentalists say another threat - the felling of eucalyptus forests in which they live koalas, granted. Animals are forced to migrate in search of new habitats and become victims of cars and dogs. they are also affected by the fires. Those who can help pick up the staff of rehabilitation centers are treated and released into the wild. Since 2012 koalas are classified as "vulnerable".

The Bermuda Petrel

Animals that helped people survive
  • 0 the birds according to historical documents. 1951: 17 nests.
  • 2005 - 250 birds.

The Bermuda petrel - bird-nevelichka, living in the same triangle and its remarkable scream. Spanish colonizers took him by the screams of demons, much frightened, and did not go deep into the jungle, only to build housing on the coast. The bird is no longer seen in the forests since 1621, which contributed to the mass breeding of pigs, the appearance of rats and cats, as well as uncontrolled shooting.

However, in 1951, in the course of work on the islands of the archipelago scientific expedition under the direction of Castle Harbor, scientists have discovered nesting in the rocks disappeared kind of like kind - those petrel. Naturalists began to erect protective barriers - as they tried to save the species from its enemy, whitetail chaise.

That piece of land was a natural reserve for petrel. But in 2003, Hurricane "Fabian" caused substantial damage to the habitat of birds: nests were destroyed, the territory - littered with trees. Affected area had to again colonize chicks. It remains to add that the petrel recognized symbol of Bermuda.

The Eurasian beaver

Animals that helped people survive
  • 1918: about 1000 individuals.
  • 2017: the threat of referring to almost none.

In a sharp drop in the number of beaver entirely to blame people, to exterminate the largest rodent in Europe for the valuable fur and castoreum, which has long been attributed to the properties of the drug from everything. To get Castoreum need to get the animal to hunt and carefully cut the gland without damaging the shell. Extract jet, not slaying beaver impossible.

In the early twentieth century, the animals have almost disappeared. Huge area covering Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, was reduced to rare foci. Thanks to the rapid adoption of measures to prohibit fishing beaver population decline was stopped. We began to implement the project for the reintroduction of species from other regions. So, in the middle of the last century in Belarus brought 700 individuals and released into waterways across the country. Today the animal is protected in all countries where dwells. Threats mean virtually no - beaver living in 63 Russian regions.

Mountain Gorilla

Animals that helped people survive
  • 1981: 253 animals.
  • 2012: 880 animals.

Gorilla this kind of growth can reach 150 cm and a weight of 195 kg. The giants are coveted trophy for poachers, who are still caught these young primates (the cost of one "baby" reaches $ 9,000). In addition, in the central part of the continent is constantly reduced timber exports of valuable timber and lose gorilla habitat.

In 1981, there were 253 Ridge Virunga gorillas. Animals live on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. In 2012 there were about 880 individuals. The progressive recovery of the number associated with increased control in protected areas. Daily special patrols go around the territory of reserves to suppress the hunting of animals. For gorilla murder today is a penalty of $ 10,000 and eight months in prison.