"Sleep, my darling, go to sleep!". Stories of several people who have committed a crime in his sleep

A good and sound sleep - it's a great thing, especially when it is strong. In order to sleep well, observe a few simple rules suffice: debug mode for itself the day, do not overeat at night and it is advisable not to watch horror movies. All very simple and banal, if not to break a couple of "commandments" for a good sleep. But we're talking about the norm.

There are lots of people who make a dream very strange, and at times bloody things. Some people who suffer from sleepwalking, create beautiful paintings, while others (even it happens) is prepared well, there are people who break the law. Sleepwalkers can not control their actions, and most offenders do not remember what they have done exactly to the moment, as they will not tell the police about it, or they do not understand. Today we have prepared for you a few stories about people who have committed murder or other crime, while being in a deep sleep.

Antonio Nieto

Antonio Nieto once dreamed that he was attacked by ostriches. In the dream, he grabbed an ax with a hammer and chased birds. He could not catch up with them, but as yet it has happened, Antonio was able to kill all the ostriches, who so violently attacked him earlier. When he awoke, the man realized that he had killed his wife and mother in law. He also attacked the two children. Daughter he had hit a few times with a hammer, but she survived the attack. Son he had hit only once before moving to his 64-year-old father. Getting Nieto was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the crime, but digging in the history of this man, the court sentenced him to 10 years of forced psychiatric treatment. He shall not come near to their children closer than 500 meters, and it is strictly not allowed in any way to communicate with his family.

Daniel Goodin

In a thirteen Daniel Goodin had trouble sleeping. He was worried that there was a ghost in his house. Daniel tried to sleep on the couch, but some two dark figures frightened him before he fell asleep. He carefully got up from the couch and grabbed her father's shotgun. Daniel came into the room of his brother and fired three shots into a ghost. Then he went into the kitchen. Daniel woke up with the sound of his mother Marina. The boy tried to kill her kitchen scissors. Woman called the police, who arrested Daniel. In addition to the attack on his mother, he also killed her nine brother Ulysses. The psychiatrist testified that Daniel was asleep during the attack on his family. That less, he was convicted of murder and assault. Daniel was sentenced to five years in the youth correctional facility.

Joan Kiger

Fifteen Joan Kiger was asleep when I heard the shots in her house. She grabbed the gun of his father and decided to them to stop the robbers broke into the house. Joan fired on the dark silhouette, but the response of shots followed. She woke up with a gun in his hand. Her mother Jenny was in hysterics. It turned out that by fighting with the robbers in the dream, Joan lumbago mother's hip, killed his six-year brother Jerry and his father Charles. The girl ran to the neighbors to call for help. Police found that the front door of the house was Kiger is not compromised, and in the house there were no traces of outsiders. Joan was arrested and tried as an adult, but a jury found her not guilty and was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Kenneth Ekotto

26-year-old Kenneth Ekotto with friends celebrate the birthday of a friend in a nightclub. The company decided to continue the fun at the home of the birthday, where guys have successfully drank a few bottles of vodka. Many of them lay down to sleep on the floor in the living room. Early in the morning is not yet sober young people were awakened by a screaming 15-year-old girl, which Ekotto knocked to the floor and raped. When up the hype, the guy stood up and, without even getting dressed, walked slowly into the yard. After some time, Kenneth woke up. He found himself standing on the naked and has no notion street how he got here. Back at the house, he was even more surprised because the infuriated former friends quickly overpowered him, hit several times in the face and accused him that he was a pedophile and a rapist. The same morning, Kenneth was arrested. At trial, the guy insisted that suffering from a sleep disorder and does not remember anything about what happened in the night crime. After many trials the jury believed him and found not guilty.