"Drink some wine, honey!" Or how alcohol affects women?

Alcohol - this is undoubtedly a good thing, especially if it expensive and quality. All of us from time to time sin in this business and we can afford to take a nip or two. But, despite this, the alcohol should be strictly dosed and drinking various alcoholic beverages must be in moderation. The main thing is not to overdo it, because in the morning is not only bad, but you can get hold of and dependency on the drink.

In this article, we will tell you about how alcohol can affect the female body, and what happens to those who are "on the bottom" mixed with half a liter at a time, and at the same time such a "mistake" happens every day .

"Well, I'm just a little bit! A little bit does not count! "

Women are by nature weak and defenseless creatures, well, at least some of them. If you look at the woman in the 21st century, it seems that men and women are reversed, and we will now explain why. Let's see what is it like to present a woman? A strong, independent, easy-going and persistent. Most women care with which the "weaker sex" faces every day, not every man would have survived, and it is an irrefutable fact. On the women's shoulders pinned a titanic care, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, child care, husband, job, obnoxious boss and more. In order to do these things every day, just needed a Herculean effort, agree.

Even if a woman suddenly became ill, and she had fever, she was still standing at the plate, washes, cleans, keeps the house clean and cozy, and much more. Some couple of glasses of wine may miss after working days just to relax and forget about the fact that tomorrow will be the same as today. But today, a glass of wine will help and what will we do tomorrow? All also drink? And the problem goes away? Of course not. But this one is very tempted by a surrogate calm, is not it? Alas, but alcohol - not a panacea for all problems, and problems in women can be mass.

"On the soul scratching cats, it's time to stop all this"

Alas, even if you drink a bottle of rum, the problems in his personal life, the robot and the house did not disappear. It is a proven fact. At the time, it becomes easier, but in just a few hours, will be all too bad. We all know that women are more emotional than men, and therefore some circumstances may unsettle them. Unfortunately, solving them with alcohol - is not an option. It is better well porevet than the poison itself knows what. Sometimes a person needs only to speak out and cry, to feel better. It is a kind of therapy for the soul. When we release all the negative emotions and show everything that hurts, it becomes easier. Especially close to a difficult period in itself and at the same time to drink, not drying out, fool destiny, because you have to understand that next to you there are people who are able to help you. They are your parents, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Does not close in themselves, seek help, but not in a bottle.

Alcohol can not heal wounds, it can only worsen the situation, despite the fact that at the beginning it will seem that all is well. If you do not want to show your family and friends just how you feel bad, consult a psychologist. Do not be afraid of such specialists, because one hundred percent anything wrong they will not be able to advise you. Due to the fact that you said aloud their problem, the psychologist will be able to show you a few ways to solve it, because there are no hopeless situations. Often we just do not like this or that out, and that is why it seems that there is no escape.

Alcohol intoxication and its effect on the body

I guess, all of us said that, in principle, alcohol is very harmful to the body. But let's look at what exactly it affects. So, suffer virtually all the organs in the human body. It affects the hormonal system and the central nervous system. In addition, a woman under the influence of alcohol may suffer psyche. Besides the obvious problems apparent in the exterior, the woman literally can lose yourself as a person. The brink of what can and what can not be simply washed away, and there is degradation of the human person, which can cause dementia, short-term amnesia and delirium tremens.