What can and what can Russian woman

About a galloping horse and a burning house all know, but there no horses, no huts somehow not observed. But the Russian woman is capable of a lot! Here, for example, you are doing the 7 things that do not make no one else in the world.

What can and what can Russian woman

Russian woman always ready for zombiapokalipsisu

Is it the genetic memory, or an incredibly advanced afedronnaya Chuikov, but the fact remains that in the house of the Russian woman always have a mezzanine, balcony or pantry (or both) to the brim filled with things that save all during the invasion of the living dead. Salt, sugar, matches, soap, medicines and vodka - it's a matter of not even being discussed. But Russian women, there is also an ax (in a city apartment), wooden skis (if that - you can use them as firewood or a stake), guide the young paramedic, a set of carpentry tools, reusable glass syringe in a tin box (it is possible to and boil), groundsheet, disinfecting lamp and a canister of holy water (and suddenly come in handy!). Strictly speaking, we can continue this item almost indefinitely, because it is easier to say what a Russian woman in the house is not: in her house at the same time there is a dump of all these things. As our women manage to compactly fold the whole set on a tiny balcony - a mystery century. Response from us, sorry, no.

Russian women grow food

In the world after all how? There are gardening - it is a hobby; has farming - it is a profession. And there are happy people who are lucky enough to live, for example, in Thailand: it can be the former as a warning to the waist in the ground to bury, and three days later he will start to bloom, bear fruit, and finally benefit. But those who are born in the harsh northern climes, very clearly understand why they need the land: the house can be divided around the wonderful rose garden and care for him in the fun, and you can grow food and make it his profession. But this is not a Russian woman! She and flowers, and fruit garden, and two hundred square meters under the potatoes. And while only Russian woman in all this splendor is not living. Nowhere in the world you will not find successful women (doctors, school director, editor, advokatessu), which Friday will come to work on his heels, with styling and manicure, and on Saturday it will be the most manicured land to dig and dig the tubers. Because "like his potatoes without something ?!".

Russian woman preserves food

Russian women do this, when all these your hipsters with their crafting jams foot under the table and walked soiled diapers! Because winter is coming! And while the rest of the world plays in home canning, Russian woman opens a small canning small factory on the veranda of a country house switchboard. And manages alone at the ready as pickles, jams and compotes, then what she has to act in the role of "beggar-reverse": beggars asking for alms, and the Russian woman is desperately trying to distribute. "People dobryya! Take, for Christ's sake, squash salad jar! We ourselves are not local, family netuti, oh, do not eat it, we, miserable, yet I throw! Pity! "

Some even believe that the Russian special usual evil - Zakatochnik. It's like a house, only worse. They say if Zakatochnik wound up in the house - it is bad: in a cool August night he sneaks into bed and biting the woman's heels. And yet! In the morning if you want - you do not want, and you will run over the banks.

Russian woman prepares a festive table

Come on, tell us, that the culture of family dinners is common all over the world! Themselves are not fools, we know. Nowhere, in any country in the world a festive table for a family is not prepared for three days in a row. And nowhere is the amount of food you can not feed the hungry company of recruits. And no one - no one, do you hear ?! - does not make a bowl with Olivier on the balcony. They do not understand his happiness! On the morning of the first of January you wear boots without socks, take an ax, go to the balcony, cut off a lettuce, borscht glybushku, otkovyrivaesh aspic piece - and unusual, you know, vigor rolls. Under this you can chew and shampusika.

Russian woman hit men

No, no, we're not about feminists who say that certain martial arts competitions for men and women - it is sexism. And we do not even textbook Skalka, which is at least once, but got it to any Russian married man. We are now on this fight. In that fragile Russian woman catches with a cry of "Geronimo!" - and wins, even if goes against former VDVshnika. Because Russian woman fighting with a man only in one case: for her friend. Here it is, the true female solidarity! Furthermore, the Russian woman may get into a fight, even for very strange woman. The author of these lines, for example, with your own eyes watched the shameful flight of drunken peasant from the bus: fool himself to the girl, and received a master stroke in the head of a pretty granny. Bag. With potato.

Russian woman can drink without getting drunk

But only in one single case: when a treacherous man set himself the goal of her drink and seduce. At this point in the most fragile fairies samozarozhdaetsya boatswain Mikhalych capable vylakat canister alcohol as an aperitif before lunch. What you got there, you say, shampusika bottle? Haha. Ha-ha-ha.

Russian woman does not believe that it is - a superheroine

And this, of course, very sad. Because the previous paragraphs clearly tell us that all these Batman and Superman can go into a dark corner and quietly weep with envy. Because they are weaklings all around us, of course.