"Parasites do not keep!" Or unexpected job of famous serial killers

Agree, in this cruel capitalist world, everyone wants to eat, even if you're a serial killer. Taking into account the fact that the style of the ad "the police is looking for a maniac-rapist" rarely end with the words "full-time" and are vacancies, even the most notorious and violent maniacs in the history of criminology comes with a heavy heart to be distracted by such beloved kills the heart and torture and to open a newspaper on the page "Wanted!".

However, when choosing their future place of employment, some maniacs really hit the mark. Today we tell you about the most unexpected places and ironic works of famous serial killers.

"hotline listening!"

Ironically, the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, who became acquainted with the young women on the street, kill them, and then entertained with their bodies in the morning going, and going to work, where he was responsible for no less than to save lives people. The killer, who, by his own admission, took the lives of 30 people, a student moonlighting as an operator at a national hotline for psychological assistance to suicide. Indeed, who is better able to dissuade a person from thinking about suicide than a bloodthirsty serial killer? By the way, many of my colleagues have described how Ted is very sensitive and skilled psychologist who has always been able to reach out to a person in a difficult life situation. In general, the next time you go to your therapist for retseptikom, look closely and does not drip if he had any blood out of the closet.

"Do you want ice cream, girl?"

The driver of the van with ice cream. Can you think of a failed job for serial killer and a pedophile? Whatever it was, it was so made a living one of the worst killers in the history of England - a true and devoted family man Fred West, who together with his beloved wife, Rosemary more than twenty years of torturing and killing children. This "happy couple" abducted and raped girls and young women, not sparing even his own eight-year daughter. In any case, the next time you decide to give your child some money for ice cream, better go with him, and then you never know.

Cannibal in the grocery store

The infamous Jeffrey Dahmer in his life has replaced a lot of work, including the work of the sales assistant in a store delicatessen products in Florida. Presumably, this post Dahmer liked most of all, because in the depths of the soul he was the more gourmet, though he preferred not elite French cheeses, and seafood, and human flesh own cooking. Indeed, who better to tell you how to choose the right steaks and sausages than "Cannibal of Milwaukee" who killed and ate at least 17 young men and boys.

The best - to children!

I guess, in the former Soviet space, there is not a single person who has not heard about the notorious Chikatilo, however, few of them know that before becoming the Rostov Ripper, the maniac was the usual Andrei Romanovich, a teacher of Russian language and literature.

However, this great expert on youth moral and patriotic education of young men and women differed somewhat "nepedagogichno teaching methods." The school administration asked Chikatilo quietly write a statement of their own volition after his students began to complain of the fact that in addition to the Russian language the same Andrei Romanovich also periodically tries to look under their skirts.

Voices from the grave

This is perhaps the least surprising work from our entire list, but rather the opposite, but this case is simply impossible to get around by so much it fits into the popular cinematic clichés. The notorious British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe earned his living by digging graves in the local cemetery. By the way, if you believe the testimony that has already caught the maniac given at the trial, because of other people's graves with him and talked otherworldly voice, which appointed him "the chosen one of God, called to clean the streets from these repulsive prostitutes", and at the same time and allowed a little to satisfy his perverse passion .