In Germany, recognized as a third gender

the third floor is recognized in Germany

November 8 the German Constitutional Court ruled on the possibility of entering into birth certificates so-called "third sex". Citizens who do not consider their sex neither male nor female, will in future denote it by another name. The German Catholics have expressed their opposition to such a procedure.

In Germany, recognized as a third gender

By the end of 2018 the government and the German parliament should develop and adopt an appropriate law. The rationale for the decision was recorded in the constitution the right to self-determination of the individual.

The original reason for the proceedings was the statement by a citizen, who was previously listed on the birth certificate as the "girl." But a citizen asked to write on the certificate by using the word "inter" or "different". After all, chromosomal analysis done previously showed that this man is neither male nor female.

Earlier, the claim was rejected in all instances, even the Supreme Court of Justice. The Constitutional Court, however, ruled: gender identity is "a fundamental aspect of the person" and therefore protected by the basic law. In addition, the decision of the judges, gender identity occupies a key position in the self-determination and the external perception of the individual. Therefore, people who demonstrably have no signs of only one sex, such specifics have to be considered on the birth certificate, and accordingly, and in subsequent documents.

The Constitutional Court stressed that it is now the so-called "intersex" will be given the opportunity to "define their sexual identity." What exactly recording can retroactively add to your document such citizens - "Inter", "different" or "positive definition of sex" - is not yet clear (the appropriate concepts is not in the German language, since the very notion of "intersexuality" in the novelty and for linguists ).

This problem German lawmakers have to decide before the end of 2018. It is noted that in November 2013 for these people was to create an opportunity to opt out of sex determination in the birth certificate.

In Germany, recognized as a third gender

According to general estimates, about 160 thousand "third gender people" living in Germany. The German Ethics Council has demanded in 2012 that, along with the female or male sex these people would be given the opportunity to choose the designation "other". Before you decide to judge interviewed 16 expert associations and organizations. Along with the Council on Ethics for the introduction of the "third sex" vysskazala German Institute for Human Rights, the German Society for the study of gender and the German Society of Psychology.

Against such a decision is the Central Committee of German Catholics and the Federal Association of the registry office employees. According to them, change of sex on birth certificates will involve considerable financial costs.

Minister German family Katharina Barley commended the decision of the Constitutional Court. According to her, if a citizen is not able to freely determine their gender in the documents, it is - a violation of individual rights and the prohibition of discrimination