Why is there a bedtime helpful

• Why is there a bedtime useful

Why is there a bedtime helpful

We have heard that there is before going to bed is bad that such a habit adds unnecessary calories, and that is, after 18 hours is impossible. There is an opinion that the food stays in your stomach all night, and that this will lead to excess weight.

However, do not blindly believe the whole, because it is a myth, and the right food before going to bed is not only not only lead to fat, but also can speed up the metabolism.

Snack before bedtime may even bring you to the desired weight and well-being, maintaining a steady blood sugar level. So no need to suppress the feeling of hunger and go to bed on an empty stomach, and it is better to eat something that will bring you only benefits.

1. Eating before bedtime can help you lose weight.

Why is there a bedtime helpful

Yes, you read that right. You've probably heard that eating before bed adds extra calories. However, such a view is out of date, because weight loss can not be reduced only to how many calories you have received and how much was burned. If it were so, you would eat biscuits, containing few calories, go to the gym and lose weight. State of health and weight loss is largely dependent on the necessary nutrients and to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

When you eat the right amount of the right foods, your blood sugar level is stabilized, and the hormone glucagon, which burns fat, gets the job done. When you do not eat before going to bed, the blood sugar level drops sharply after falling asleep, and if you do not sleep, then this leads to overweight. Conversely balanced snack can promote weight loss. 2. Fed to help you fall asleep.

Why is there a bedtime helpful

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep, or they wake up in the night. One of the simplest solutions to this problem may be a light snack before bedtime. There is no evidence that a small snack before going to bed leads to weight gain.

However, this does not mean that you need to eat a huge portion of ice cream, so that what you eat is also important.

For 15-30 minutes before bedtime, you can eat a small serving of berries with cream, carrots, apple slices with nuts and bananas. It is better to choose a combination of a pair of spoons fats and carbohydrates half cup so as proteins may interfere with sleep.

3. While you sleep, your body is working and needs energy.

Why is there a bedtime helpful

Our body uses energy 24 hours a day, constantly burning calories, which means that it has to be refilled to maintain the level of maximum performance.

One study showed that men who drank a milkshake before bed, burning more calories at rest than those who did not eat anything before going to bed. Once you start to maintain your metabolism at a stable level, you will begin to lose weight and you will feel more energetic.

4. This stabilizes the level of sugar in the morning.

On the morning of your liver starts to produce more glucose and provides you with the energy that is needed to start the day. This process is virtually no change in the level of sugar in people who do not have diabetes. However, some people with diabetes can not produce enough insulin to get rid of the excess glucose in the blood. Diabetics often wake up in the morning with a high level of sugar in the blood, even if did not eat before going to bed. Other people may experience nocturnal hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, which prevents them from sleeping. Some studies have shown that a small snack before bed can prevent such fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

5. Fed leads to sound sleep and a healthier life.

Sleep affects the immune system, energy levels, appetite, metabolism and your weight.

The better you sleep at night, the better you feel all day.

Do yourself a favor and eat something useful before going to bed to rest your body as it should.