"Knock Knock. Who's there? "Or stories that will make you double-check if you have closed your door

Each of us knows that the house - it is our fortress. We install modern door locks that are difficult to crack, and at times a video surveillance system. All this is done solely for one purpose: to feel safe. Given that the apartment robbery is still not passed away, all of the above is taking place in our world.

But what if all the same security system failed? How to be then? That's right, you need to install a new one. Today, we have picked for you the stories of people who, in spite of a new home and new door locks, yet double bypass your home, checking every door. So, we present you a few stories in the style of "I thought I was alone at home."

The penetration of the house, which almost took

one wearer's social network Reddit Share with your readers a story that happened to her recently. Further, according to the author. "I was in the nursery and put the children to bed. My husband at the time was working in his office. The house was quiet. When I walked into the office of her husband, to bring coffee, then we both heard several times turned the door handle, which opens onto the backyard. At first, I was heard creaking, and only then get the feeling that her someone pushed twice, trying to finally open. My husband opened the safe and gave me a shotgun, and he pulled out a gun and went to see what was going on outside (my husband works sheriff). He did not find anyone anywhere. Strange is not it?

I usually close all the doors have since put the kids to bed, but that day something prompted me to do so earlier than usual. If I did not, only God knows what would our family ended this evening. It was quite obvious that someone's home is, and not only that someone else was awake. After a while the light was in the nursery, and in the office of her husband permanently lit table lamp. So that those who wanted to get into the house, clearly was not at the things.

My husband decided to talk with their colleagues and asked a couple of guys to come to our house, but they found nothing. surveyed the backyard and found a garage near the imprint of someone's boot on the following morning, I and my husband. With this in mind, we were ready for a meeting with the guest. Next to me was always a shotgun, and the husband was ready gun. But nothing else happened exactly to the moment as it was several months after the first visit. Our 11-year-old son woke up in the night and went to the living room, where my husband and I sat and talked. The child was frightened and said he was being followed, he heard footsteps behind windows. Of course we are all checked, but found nothing. I do not know whether this is a coincidence or not. "

"I'm just looking"

Another wearer of this social network to tell a story through which acquired a brand new shotgun instead of an old revolver.

"One night, I heard footsteps in the house on the ground floor. Realizing that in addition to the gun I have nothing there, I picked it up and quietly left the hall. Going down the stairs, I saw some man who wandered through my kitchen. When he saw me, he said, frightened, "Lady, I'm just looking, nothing more." I was a little impressed, and, pointing to his gun, I told him to get out of my house, or I'll shoot. The man apparently understood correctly and believed because of apology left through the back door. Moving away from the shock, of course I called the police, and a day later was replaced all the doors and locks. "


This is what it means when you are accused of snoring at night. The following story from a guy named Josh. "Having once after a night shift, I kissed the children and even went to bed without dinner, because it is very very tired. In the morning, the children were told that because I have not slept since I very strongly began to snore. Fair? I do not believe it and therefore decided to leave the recorder on while sleeping on his bedside table. The next night, I decided to check the record and began to listen to it while getting ready for the night shift. Indeed, in some point of the dynamics thundered the terrible sound of my snoring. Matyuknuvshis myself, I decided that I needed something to do and went to turn off the recorder, when he heard something very strange. Two voices were talking among themselves. One of them asked the other: "He can?" And the other said, "No, I do not think." The film kept me for many years, and I always wonder what are these people doing in my house, and most importantly, how they could get into it? ".