"Destination - death" or why some rides better get round?

Carousel ... Well, who did not like on the carousel childhood? Of course, this is always fun it was expensive and greatly struck by the parents purse, but just remember how much joy and happiness you experienced, or your child, riding, for example, on a roller coaster. But this is only the bright side of all these attractions. Dark, one that is shocking, in most cases, conceal and do not show people, but today we have dug out for you a couple of stories that make you necessarily think 150 times before you get to a particular attraction.

1. Two children have witnessed the death of his parents in Australia

In most cases, amusement parks operate with little or no output. To think that you had and nothing happens when you decide to visit an amusement park - it's wishful thinking. Let's face it, no one will ever know how good one or the other is fixed bolt if special safety belt off, and if all is well with the design. Australia has become a very popular water attraction called "Thunder River Rapids Ride". Many people visited him and were ecstatic trip. That's one family decided to ride. Though this time it ended tragically. The design of the 6 seats crashed into another and overturned. 10-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl left without a father and mother.

2. The 10-year-old boy decapitated on waterslide

Waterslide "Verruckt" at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas City in height is more than five meters, making it the largest water slide in the world. A resident of Kansas, the son of Scott Schwab, 10-year-old Caleb Schwab decided to venture and take a ride on this well-known water slide. Together with your child on an inflatable circle, two women sat alone weighed 112 kilograms, and the other 81. Caleb sat in front, and two women behind. They started to go down, and when the special rubber ring began to rise in the air, the woman and the boy began to beat his head and limbs of the iron base of the hill. Women received numerous broken facial bones, and the boy simply decapitated. Investigators, who were involved in the case, concluded that the weight was distributed properly. Caleb had to be put in the middle. After the incident, the park opened three days later, however waterslide "Verruckt" and remained closed.

3. Amusement Park "Zhaohua" in Chongqing, Southwest China

This is what happened to 14-year-old girl, who was visiting the amusement park "Zhaohua" in February 2016. Attraction called "Journey into space," and the child is very much like to ride on it. As usual, bought a ticket and defended its turn, the girl sat on his seat and tightened the belt tight. When all the seats were occupied by the attraction, a special park staff checked their belts and gave the go-ahead to run the attraction. Nobody could imagine how tragic everything will turn out. During that as construction began to spin, a seat belt this girl just burst. She fell to the ground and died. People looked with horror at the death of a teenager, some even photographed the fall itself. When she was on the ground, many have rushed eypervuyu help, but it was too late. The girl's parents to pay compensation of 100 thousand dollars. As it turned out, the attraction "Journey into Space" has not been tested for a long time, to be exact in 2013.

4. A fire in the "House of Terror" took the lives of eight teenagers

This labirintopodobny "fear House" had to scare all those who would dare to visit. But the spring of 1984 this building really turned into a flaming coffin for eight teenagers who lishis life within its walls. Attraction itself was built as a medieval castle, and was full of terrifying objects, ghosts and skulls with glowing eyes. Young actors who dressed in a scary zombie, jumped and frightened visitors and young people, it seemed very interesting. May 11 evening, 14-year-old boy asked his friend to visit this attraction. In a flashlight, he decided to use the cigarette lighter of the car. Walking through the maze, the guy accidentally snagged and thereby set fire to some piece of foam. Lightning flame spread "fear House" and not carried away two lives and eight. As it turned out, it was still in the maze of 6 teenagers. Firefighters were desperately trying to extinguish the flames and save the children, but all visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 years old were killed. As it turned out, fire extinguishing system was faulty.