"For klikuhu answer!" Or nicknames of medieval kings, with whom you can rap

Many representatives of the medieval nobility, from the unimportant provincial graphs, and ending with the kings themselves, do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a kind of formidable "alias" when he heard that all the enemies were to run away, flashing heels. History is littered with all sorts of "Great", "Terrible", "beautiful", and so on and so forth. But there were stories and such person of noble blood, nicknames that would be envied by any contemporary rapper. So, today we will introduce you to five of the medieval monarchs with the most unusual and "daring" nicknames.

Lugaid "With ... the Son", the High King of Ireland

The early history of medieval Ireland about as credible and reliable as court evidence petty bully by methamphetamine, but, according to some sources, Lugaid King ascended the throne about 200 AD. Speaking frankly, the reign of this king does not remember anything special, except for an unusual nickname. Lugaid went down in history under the nickname "McCone," which literally translates as "son hound", "Puppy" or well, if you so wish, "With ... son." No, the High King of Ireland did not grow up in a ghetto, not rapping and not a drug dealer, and his "loud" the nickname he, according to legend, has acquired, thanks to the fact that an infant instead of the mother's breast milk is sucked best hunting hound his father.

The king Ragnar "leather pants"

No, this semi-legendary leader of the Vikings, who supposedly lived in the middle of the ninth century, and ruined their raids northern Europe, was not a fan of sadomasochism (unless, of course, does not apply to sadomasochism ardent passion burning monasteries and the killing of Christians). Some sources believe that such an unusual nickname Ragnar has acquired, thanks to his pants from cowhide, which he wore to protect their main advantage from the bites of poisonous snakes. The same sources, among other things, also claim that it is a mockery so anxious concern "protivozmeinoy protect" their private parts II of the King of Northumbria, Ella, captured Ragnar captured, actually ordered to throw him into a pit of vipers. By the way, apparently, unusual nickname in the family Ragnar was a family tradition, because his sons could also boast nicknames style Ivar "Boneless" or Sigurd "Snake in the eye."

Louis' World Spider ", King of France

But this is something in the style of "Game of Thrones". If fans of this famous series sincerely believe that more intriguing than Waris Spider, it is difficult to imagine that they are clearly not heard of the French King Louis XI. Louis, who for his numerous court intrigues, treachery and "mnogohodovochki", earned himself the nickname "Spider World," even with the youth easily find enemies, the first of which was his own father.

However, the full potential of Louis fully revealed in later years, when the King managed to turn the proxy on its far superior forces of the Duke of Burgundy, Charles "the Bald" in Charles 'dead'. By the way, Louis XIuvekovechil his name not only as a politician, but as a literary character, as the outstanding personality of the World Spider readily described by Walter Scott and Victor Hugo.

Alfonso "wimp", King of Leon

What do you mean, you is not what you think, because such an unusual nickname glorious King of Leon and Galicia earned not for the faint-heartedness, and for their violent rage, during which the monarch allegedly valyl frothing mouth. However, in addition to saliva Alfonso also became famous and their excessive tender love for his family. After angered Pope annulled the marriage between King and one of his cousins, Alfonso was not taken aback. Sprinkle a little saliva, the King pointed to the Rome two middle fingers and then married another of his cousin. By the way, it is necessary to give him credit, in addition to the rage and incest, Alfonso also went down in history as the founder of the first university in Spain.

Constantine "slop name" Byzantine Emperor

If we talk about the "slop" moniker, the first place clearly belongs to the Byzantine Emperor Constantine V Copronymus, which literally translates as "fecal name." Such unpleasant nickname iconoclast emperor earned from its religious opponents, who claimed that at the time of the baptism of Constantine supposedly done little rustle that defecated in the baptismal font.