Incredible fateful circumstances

Incredible fateful circumstances

The thief hit by a bus in a second after the robbery

In May 2011, in Bogota, Colombia One attacker tried to take away a woman's cell phone. After a brief struggle, he tried to get away but with just a couple of steps, was suddenly hit by a bus. Everything that happens captures the video camera and the video got in a variety of media.

The military paid for environmental pollution

Ron Poirier, who worked in the 1970s as a radio technician at the Naval Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, has admitted that in those years the fleet dropped hundreds of gallons of toxic solvents into the sea. Chemicals, in turn, fell into the drinking water. Cancer, of which Ron died in May 2013, became one of the diseases provoked by toxins trapped in the water, which affected local residents and marines. Before his death, Ron told the Associated Press, he considers his illness some retribution ugotovlennoy his destiny.

"When the day of reckoning will come, - said Ron - I hope that all the victims will understand that I do not know what they do."

The man who made a good deed, suddenly finds $ 40

"In my life, there was a period when I was suffering from insomnia and spent all night, tossing and turning in bed. One day at 6:30 in the morning I went to the supermarket and at the exit I saw a homeless person. Then I bought a hamburger, warmed them up and gave this unfortunate man. Then I went to another store. Having parked the car and opened the door to the car, I involuntarily looked down. And what do you think I saw there? On the sidewalk were brand-new $ 20. I thought it was funny, but what really struck me is that leaving the store, I found more $ 20, and at the same place. I checked the purse, but the previous $ 20 lying on the ground. "

The Miser pays twice

"I once bought two newspapers, and pay only for one. When I tried to move away, he noticed that the window slammed a newspaper machine stuck the edge of my shirt. I had to insert into the machine an additional 25 cents, to be released from captivity. "

Welcome back handsomely

"On that day, my son and I went to the store to buy him another game for consoles. At the box office in front of us was a woman who was clearly very angry because of the fact that it did not accept the card, and it had nothing to buy infant formula for your baby. My son was so fascinated by her delightful child, that brought back the game and offered a woman to pay for a purchase. "Your baby needs food more than I did in" Plants vs. Zombies ", - convinced the woman my son. My heart swelled with pride for it, so I decided to still buy him the game.

When we left the store, the stranger caught up with us and handed my son an envelope and asked to open it only at home. Imagine our surprise when, having opened the envelope, we saw $ 100, to which was attached a note "You deserve it, young man. '"

Give, and you will be rewarded

"There was a period in my life when I was just a furniture salesman, and my salary is only enough to pay the bills. Sometimes I even had to go hungry, as there is nothing to buy food.

One way or another, but one day I could not sell anything. It was the end of the day, and my revenue remained zero. One elderly couple went shopping and looking after the TV stand. Other sellers do not want to communicate with them because they know that older people first tortured their long questions, but in the end, at best, buy something for $ 100, while the seller's revenue will total $ 2.

Then I thought - maybe if I do anything today can sell, then maybe the luck will turn to face me. So I sold the spouses 2 TV stand. They wanted to take advantage of collector services of furniture, and in spite of the fact that our stores offer such a possibility (for an additional fee of course), I took, and volunteered to collect them stand for free, on the condition that they zaedut for me at the end of the working day . On that poreshali.

When I was in their wonderful apartment, I immediately felt the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen and tried to ignore it (it was not easy, t. To. I neither ate almost nothing for 3 days). 3 hours later, I finished my work. However, the old lady so I just do not let go - she took me into the kitchen and sat at the table and fed freshly cooked roast beef. It was better than all the money in the world! After all, I have not eaten homemade food, specially prepared for me, even the tears welling up in my eyes. I was grateful and thankful to the old woman, and she, in turn, handed me an envelope. From fills me with joy that today I finally go to sleep with a full stomach, I completely forgot about it. Opening the envelope at home, I found a $ 100 down and cried ...

After this incident, the seller having worked for some time, I have always tried to help people who are not looking for big gains in purchases. And you know, it's helped me, and then I got a better paying job. "