"Taras Bulba Hello!" Or "love" parent that kills

What should be the right parents? In the first place, he is obliged to protect their children from harm and violence, to educate them, not to infringe on their rights, to give them an opportunity to develop and help in every way, but, above all, the parent is obliged to remember more and to love his child. This is the main component of a good and strong family. That less, on the ground there are plenty of "nedoroditeley" that would not do better to be born or not to take responsibility to raise a child because of their sick, twisted character does not allow them to provide decent living conditions as their offspring.

instead of the love that parents are obliged to give to your child, it gets only reproaches and beatings in his address for the slightest misdemeanor. Child abuse - is, in fact, a terrible phenomenon, which unfortunately occurs too often in our world. So, we present to your attention three "nedoroditeley" that "famous" to the world as cruel tyrants and murderers of their own children.

1. John and Sonja Kluth

When the child crosses the threshold of people's homes for the first time that he was adopted, it is normal that after this comes a certain period of adaptation to the new housing and adoptive parents. The child may feel that his new mom and dad are for some reason to change your mind and send it back. We think that for the foster children of John and Sonja Kluth return to the orphanage would be the best gift they ever received. Foster children aged 16, 13 and 10 years were regularly subjected to beatings, to all kinds of humiliation and torture, if their behavior were not satisfied with the parents. The oldest child testified in court against his adoptive mother. He said that Sonia beat him on the legs, use superglue and pliers, climbed to his genitals, and forced the children beat each other, because "she loved to see how we are suffering." Children, in principle, not considered members of the family. They lived in the old cellar, and slept in the doghouse. After the readings, which were given by them in 2012, Sonja Kluth was sentenced to life in prison, and John was 20 years.

2. Rachel and Naomi Trelfa Fe

It is very scary to imagine that these two abnormal worked with their children, but that they deserve at least a life sentence, it is a fact. Rachel and Naomi Trelfa Fe had three children, but the biological mother of Rachel was for them. Most of all, they act out on the youngest of the boys, Liam, but also other sons got it off. Liam with his brothers regularly threatened, locked up in the cells, forcing them to eat dog feces and vomit, beaten and left to endure the pain of broken bones and bruises, not trying to somehow help. Ultimately, the two-year Liam found with so many injuries, which is good inherent victims of serious car accidents. Rachel and Naomi Trelfa Fe does not repent of their actions. Naomi claims that she is in jail in good standing, and it will not be touched. The verdict, which carried them in Scotland was 23, 5 years for Rachel Trelfa and 24 years for Naomi Fe. However, after all that they had done with his children, we would say that this penalty is too lenient for such abnormal.

3. Megan Huntsman

I do not know what motivated this woman, but the fact remains, Megan Huntsman is the killer of their own babies. After Megan had been charged with the murder, many have begun to refer to the fact that the woman is mentally ill and needs psychiatric treatment. As it turned out, it was indeed a protracted depression, she suffered from alcoholism and sometimes use drugs. Despite the fact that a woman in cold blood killed six of their newborn children in the period from 1996 to 2006 and folded their bodies in his garage in a plastic bag, the authorities of Utah, where she lived, gave her 30 years, and after this period, she can petition on parole. During kills Megan had other children who were alive and well and very zealously defended her mother in court. We now wonder, do not you think that 30 years is too little for the 6 dead babies?