"The whole circus was killed, and the clowns left!" Or chilling stories about real scary clown, which would be envied by Stephen King

After the recent loud thriller based on the novel "It" by Stephen King's famous gathered at the stage of theater munching popcorn lovers tickle your nerves, many very mature and respectable people unexpectedly remembered what really terribly afraid of clowns.

In the end, fear of the made-up face merry circus has been and remains one the most common phobias in the world, but did you know, dear friends, that in fact is not necessary to be afraid of movie villains? Well, especially for those of our readers who doted in these red-nosed and largemouth mils, today we have prepared a collection of stories about this evil clown who had a chance to entertain the kids are not in the circus, as prosecutors, judges and journalists criminal news.

We clowns, too, are "bad days"

A guy named Rex Mays, who lived in a wonderful sunny and quiet town and on weekends moonlighting at children's parties in the form of a clown, a cowboy named Uh-Oh, in general, thought of himself as a good man, but even good people time from time to time there are bad days. When in 1992 the police in broad daylight found right in your own home mutilated bodies of two girls sisters 7 and 10 years old, which a mysterious maniac stabbed more than forty-five times, all the townspeople literally stood on the ears. After all, who could decide on such a cruel and impudent murder in the town, where almost all of you know?

However, for the answer is not necessary to go. A few months officers of the law were arrested that same Uh-Okha and charged him with two first-degree murder. Clown admitted that he had just issued a "bad day", in the neighborhood girls played loud music, and his polite request to make quieter, they are simply ignored, for which he paid with their lives.

on call Clown

This is perhaps the only hero of our list, which did not break the law, which, however, does not make it any less creepy. So, if your beloved offspring behave badly and did not want to hear from home tired terror Mom and Daddy, then the aid can always come Rinkls scary clown, which hides under the guise of 65-year-old war veteran from Florida.

The man earns "scary clown on call" is not the first year and says that naughty kids start to cry in fright, it is worth it just to cross the threshold of the house. Rinklsa services are only a few tens of dollars per hour, but is that a lot of the "beneficial pedagogical effect", which is able to provide its appearance on the weak psyche of the young bully? Seriously, just look at this mils! At the sight of him, not only children, but some adults quickly extinguish a cigarette and start to put panties under ticker.

"Hey, clown, and you with what district?"

In the background here's these funny guys, imprinted on the image above, pale even "witty" prankery, who in 2016 took terrorize his creepy clown outfits impressionable inhabitants of a small American town. If someone does not know, in the photo above participants a grimace rather creepy French youth gangs, proprietary chip which were clown masks and makeup. By the way, unlike their American counterparts, these clowns were not harmless, because after his arrest in 2014, police confiscated fourteen detainees adolescent clowns whole arsenal of knives, baseball bats and combat pistols. Like any other gang, the boys hunted robbery, theft and drug trafficking.

Clown against gangster

The life of a drug lord, no doubt full of dangers. One of the leaders of the notorious Tijuana cartel named Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, perhaps knew that, like no other. 63 years of his life gangster survived many skirmishes and assassination attempts, but who would have thought that to die who retired gangster he is destined to be the hands of the clown.

On his 64th birthday, Felix threw a really posh party, where many famous politicians and celebrities, athletes were invited. Entertaining guests were hired by musical groups and artists, and taking into account the fact that the drug lord retired had a wife and children, it was not without a couple of circus clowns.

That is why the guards did not suspect anything wrong when the place of the holiday approached a nondescript van, from which emerged two men, dressed in clown suits. And all would be nothing if not one of the clowns came close to the birthday, not pulled out his pistol and killed to two shots at close range, and then successfully fled in an unknown direction.