Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

• Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

"You want to deal with the turkey - think like a turkey, behave like turkey, react like a turkey." The fact that most seem comical phrase, for the residents of Boston and the suburbs - this instruction, how to avoid conflicts with wild birds. The last three years, the city terrorized by huge flocks of fat turkeys, who believe that people - their rivals.

Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

In 1800 the population of turkeys was really endangered. But now, it seems, the birds decided to take revenge. Live in the forest seems no longer so attractive for them to live in the cities, and each year more and more turkeys are so-called "urban turkeys," surpassing the pigeons, crows and jays.

Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

The wild turkeys are not like those fat birds that live on the farm: they are much stronger, faster and more aggressive, especially when it comes to males in the breeding season. Seen fleeing from turkey cat or dog on the streets of Boston - a common occurrence. However, people also often have to give doru from obsessive birds.

17 turkeys circling around a dead cat, lying on the road. Randolph, Massachusetts.

Nothing personal: despite the fact that it seems that the birds took up arms against humanity, in fact they do not understand the difference between himself and the people and perceive each person simply as an opponent and pretender to the territory. At least, so say experts. And this is why useless threaten them with stones or sticks, push off birds foot or somehow threatened - turkey only understand their own language, so if you do not want to be pecked, you need to wave threateningly arms like wings, and otherwise pretend that you big and serious turkey. Then the enemy recognizes that you are higher in the hierarchy, and Delete.

The police caught the aggressive turkey that attacked a man and claws scratched the car girl:

"Turkeys do not really want to hurt a person - says biologist David Skarpitti. - They just do not realize that people are people, and turkey is a turkey. They just want to show their dominance over all he met. "

Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

In the past three years, 137 cases of police attacks turkeys, and five of them were so severe that the birds have been reported had put to sleep. In 2013, as a serious attack happened "crazy turkey" on a school in Brooklyn, then the bird had to be liquidated, too. Although, of course, the majority of collisions with these birds do without recourse to the authorities. Many residents even admit that it seems as if the turkey is seriously terrorize the city on purpose.

Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

The situation is complicated by the fact that, according to local law, can not kill the birds not only to residents, but even the police. It can only make a special organization for the protection of animal rights. It is clear that if people do not leave food for "the poor birds," life in the city would be less attractive for turkeys. So long as they all have to live together, the inhabitants of Boston have to from time to time "to behave like a turkey," to avoid becoming dinner themselves for these birds.

Turkey blocked the traffic in Boston - the largest city of Massachusetts:


Aggressive and arrogant turkey in Boston

Turkeys terrorize Massachusetts.