"Pathetic place" in the article, or what is actually being photographed by tourists?

We all know that people have a pretty tight-rooted original sign, if taken for a certain place in this or that statue, it will bring good luck, both personal and for business affairs. Almost every city of our vast world there are statues, which must somehow interact, for example, kissing, touching, rubbing and so on. Some local attractions even have their own legends.

In fact, to find the place the sculpture need to be touched, to be happy, to get rid of infertility and successfully conceiving a child, quite simply, because it just stands out from the whole picture. In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting statues, as well as their individual areas for which people are happy to keep.

1. "Crazy Girls", Las - Vegas

It is not surprising that the famous Las Vegas was known worldwide nickname "Sin City." Sinning in this place a must, and can be with one hundred percent certainty say that the city is definitely not let you, if you do not eat most of its forbidden fruit. Statue of "Crazy Girls" represents the female sintered team that stands side by side with his back to the crowd. In fact, it was a real show, and these beauties were actually in one of the most famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas under the name "Riviera". Unfortunately, this facility was closed in 2015, and the statue was moved to a famous restaurant in New York, "Planet Hollywood".

2. Victor Noir, Paris

To begin with, it is worth mention that Victor Noir was just a French journalist, but the young man became famous after his death. In 1870 he was shot by Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte. This incident caused a wave of indignation in the society. The funeral of journalist visited more than 100 000 people, and his tomb has become one of the most famous sights of Père Lachaise. Why did it happen? And all the fault of the legend, which says that if you rub or touch the tombstone in a special place (in the photo perfectly clear in what), then you are guaranteed to get rid of infertility, frigidity, impotence, and in addition, can easily forget about the loved one who on your left. No wonder this place is very popular among women.

3. Statue of Adam, New York

In fact, the two statues. Adam and Eve, and located in one of the largest shopping centers of New York, and each of them reaches a height of up to four meters. Would still like a statue of Adam, probably attracted more attention than the statue of Eve. If you look between his legs, you will understand why. People love to come and touch it to that of his intimate parts. How many times it had been rubbed, immediately noticeable to the naked eye. It is known that a particular legend does not exist. People prefer to touch the reproductive organs just like Adam.

4. Juliet, Munich

In the center of this beautiful Bavarian city, you can find a beautiful statue of Juliet in the play Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" without much difficulty. It is located in the heart of this cozy and beautiful city. In this statue was its famous twin, which was located in Italy. Juliet's statue was chosen by tourists from around the world. According to tradition, in the hands of the girls need to put a couple of colors, but, judging by the photos, savvy tourists prefer to not just give flowers, but also to touch his chest.

5. András Hadik, Budapest

András Hadik was a famous Hungarian hussars. In 1937, his statue was erected in honor of this famous soldier. You can find it next to the famous church of Matthias, located on a hill with amazing views over Budapest. The statue symbolizes the courage, bravery and courage. But, despite this, most likely, many people are not particularly interested in himself Andras. Most tourists think that just have to rub between the legs of the horse, on which sits the famous hussars. In addition, students from the Technical University, which is located in Budapest, believe that if you touch this place before the exams, make sure all goes well. Apparently, successfully pass exams like many, because city officials issued a special law to protect the city's monuments. In their view, such behavior is extremely disrespectful to the historical heritage.