Common myths about coffee

• Common myths about coffee

Common myths about coffee

How many myths exist about coffee - just do not count. We have collected 7 real facts for fans of the drink.

Coffee improves brain activity

A cup of coffee improves attention, improves the ability to concentrate, and coffee with sugar activates the desired region of the brain.

Coffee raises blood pressure

With the help of coffee can be overcome by an attack of hypotension - low blood pressure.

Common myths about coffee

Coffee strengthens the immune system

Scientists have identified several countries that coffee reduces the risk of premature death, the less the risk, the more cups of coffee a person drinks a day. Acceptable number of cups per day - three.

Coffee treats headache

The caffeine in coffee-kind, able to overcome the headache and migraine. So, next time before you take pills, drink a cup of coffee.

Coffee acts as an anti-stress

Cope with stress helps dopamine and serotonin, which provoke a good mood. One cup of coffee increases the production of these hormones.

Common myths about coffee

Coffee improves memory

Short-term memory under the influence of caffeine is twice as effective.

Coffee reduces weight

Caffeine increases the body's level of hormone leptin, a low level which results in an increase in weight due to fat deposits. Therefore coffee drinkers gain weight any longer.