Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth

• Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth

45-year-old actress from Germany Manush making yourself an injection of bacteria Bacillus F, which were discovered in the permafrost. The actress claims that it helps it to look and feel younger.

Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth

Manush calls himself a "man - lab rat" because of the fact that she first tried out on himself injections of bacteria Bacillus F. Procedures she makes three months.

Bacillus F was first discovered by Russian scientists in 2009 in the permafrost of Mammoth Mountain in Yakutia. Bacterial DNA code is transcribed only in 2015. According to scientists, these bacteria do not show any signs of aging and can be the key to eternal youth. Manush, apparently took this statement to heart and began to introduce bacteria into the bloodstream.

Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth

Samples of bacteria actress gave during a conference in London, Dr Anatoly Brushko, Head of the Department of Moscow State University of permafrost. Dr. Brushko himself, apparently took the bacteria, but only orally. But Manush was the first who introduced the bacteria directly into the blood. Since the procedure is experimental, no doctor can not give injections Bacillus F without the risk to remain without a license. Therefore, the actress does inject yourself under the supervision of a physician and friends in case something goes wrong. It introduces bacteria into the blood every two weeks, but hopes to increase the dosage and frequency.

Injections of ancient bacteria to eternal youth

"My skin is as soft as a baby's ass. Maybe you will not see it in the photos, but live it can be seen that there are no scars and blemishes. I've never felt better. "

Manush family was strongly against injection, but could not stop the woman. "Aging - it is a disease. Even as a teenager I could not accept the fact that getting older. I do not care what people think. I will not stop at anything to look younger ", - she says.

It is worth noting that the injections - not the only procedure by which a woman uses to look better. Over the past 20 years she has spent about 50 thousand dollars for a face lift, rhinoplasty and breast implants.