Who were given an apartment in the Stalin era

• Who was given an apartment in Stalin's time,

Who were given an apartment in the Stalin era

During the reign of Stalin's urban population went skyrocketing. Villagers and villages flocked to Moscow, Leningrad and other big cities, from the front back the soldiers, from the evacuation - Refugees.

Housing at all was not enough. Even in the 20-ies housing rate was 8 sq. m. per person. In the 30's it has already dropped to Q4. m., and it remained so until the death of Stalin. Most citizens of the USSR for more than a room in a communal apartment, do not count. Who had separate accommodation?

Communal "paradise"

Communal "paradise" After World War II actively build factories and other enterprises. Builders settled, usually close to the wooden barracks that are of poor quality and lack of creature comforts. Hot water was not there, but from all amenities - a maximum of toilet and sink. Often in such workers' settlements there was no sanitation, and water was taken out of the speakers.

The overwhelming majority of Soviet citizens lived in communal apartments. they are usually housed in the former tenement houses and noble estates, divided for these purposes by numerous partitions. In a communal apartment with one bathroom and one kitchen can accommodate from 3 to 7 families, depending on the size and number of rooms. At the same time the construction of the so-called Stalinist buildings was conducted by accelerated tempo. We built the now famous Seven Sisters, as a rule, inmates or prisoners. But ordinary "stalinka" not good architecture, again intended for the communal property.

Accommodation for the elite

Officials at the time simply drowned in the complaints and statements of citizens to provide them with a room a larger area because of ordinary apartments workers and employees could only dream.

In those years in independent apartments provided with a so-called elite of Soviet society: the officers, directors, senior party workers, as well as prominent figures of science and art. For example, in the famous Moscow home on the waterfront Tinkers lived as KGB officials, high-ranking military and government officials, as well as actress Faina Ranevskaya, ballerina Galina Ulanova, the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky and the architect of skyscrapers Dmitry Chechulin. Until now, the people walking the bike about how to obtain a separate apartment Faina Ranevskaya. It supposedly wanted to recruit the KGB, but the actress waved them: "What do you mean? I chat in a dream, and I live in a communal apartment! " Lists of elite high-rise tenants claimed by Stalin himself. Typically, these were new buildings, like the house in Tinkers, in the style of "Stalin's" Empire. They were, oddly enough, all the bourgeois 'stuff' that the Soviet government so desperately tried to eradicate. This is a large area, and the stucco and parquet, and high ceilings, and a separate bathroom, and even a room as an office and a library. Studio elite "stalinka" - a rarity.

for the future

Despite the unsettled housing mortals in the Stalin period, in 40-50-ies of the last century, were built and earned metallurgical plants, enterprises for the production of concrete products, which later provided the material numerous construction projects Khrushchev era.