Which cereal is the most useless

• Which cereal is the most useless

Which cereal is the most useless

From childhood every morning we began always with porridge. And now, many eat it for breakfast. Are all of porridge so good for your health?


In the Soviet era semolina necessarily given for breakfast in kindergartens, hospitals, camps, sanatoriums ... I believe that it is useful for children because it is a high-calorie and nutritious dish. But recently experts have questioned its usefulness.

The fact that the semolina is made from the inner layer of the wheat grain and contains roughage. In addition, there are very few vitamins and minerals, and the ratio of essential amino acids (tryptophan, lysine and methionine) is not quite balanced. In essence it consists only of pure starch and a small amount of protein. Also, since the semolina rich in simple carbohydrates, it contributes to obesity, it is contraindicated in patients with diabetes and those who suffer from a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. It can be considered harmless unless semolina made from durum wheat.

millet porridge

wheat proteins contain enough essential amino acids. Thus, the lysine in which less than half in the rice cereal, and three times or four less than in the buckwheat. Millet porridge is not harmful, but not too helpful.

Rice porridge

We often hear about the benefits of rice porridge. But the stores are usually sold white, polished rice, which is very little vitamins, mineral elements and fiber. Some of their even brown rice, we eat much less. Rice porridge effective except for short-term diets.

Fast food Oatmeal

In principle, oatmeal is rich in trace elements, vitamins and fiber. It perfectly displays the body of toxins, cholesterol, useful in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But many prefer to eat in the morning cereal finely ground, which just pour boiling water or warm milk. Now on sale there and muesli - oat flakes mixed with a variety of fruits, dried fruits, berries and nuts. They are very easy to cook, but they do not contain any valuable components. But the caloric content in oatmeal with sugar is very high. If you want to improve your health - eat at fast food flakes and plain boiled water oat-flakes. It is also very useful buckwheat and barley porridge, containing a lot of vital substances.