"Lights, camera, orgasm!" Funny stories that lie behind the sex scenes from famous films

In today's world, where the public has long been transformed from a "morality police", which hangs over the head with directors and operators, in an ever-hungry audience that screams "more!" And asks for more meat, sex scenes are an integral part of almost any movie. However, in the past, not only were the days when peering garter stocking caused shock among the public, as well as studio and struggled to outdo each other in an attempt to show as much as possible "nudity".

Now the intimate scenes in the movie are trying to present no longer as certain flamboyant additions, as well as works of art, which would organically fit into the plot and narrative films. But what lies behind the screen ardent and passionate love? Today we tell you about the funniest stories that lie behind the famous sex scenes from famous movies.

Occupational injuries

In the famous erotic film "50 shades of gray" There was so much sex on the verge of pornography, there is nothing surprising in the fact that not all the scenes have been as smooth as expected on the director. Although the actress Dakota Johnson, who played the main character for the filming clearly got used to handcuffs and whip whiplash neck injury she did not expect. The film was one scene where actor Jamie Dornan hero was eager to throw the girl on the bed, however, the actor is clearly overdone, and Johnson had to endure quite a hard landing. As a result, we had to undergo a medical in bondage instead of an erotic bondage girl a few days. Incidentally, this case demonstrates that rough sex at times can be quite traumatic occupation, but in contrast to the set, it is unlikely, in bedrooms with fans of "hardcore" on duty round the clock ambulance.

"My mother did not hold a candle"

2007 film "Superbad," the title of which Russian translators masterpiece translated as "Superbad", once collected a long list of awards from "MTVMovieAwards". The comedy tells the story of three teenagers who decided before the end of the school and how to gulnut taste adulthood. There were, of course, and without scenes of teenage sex. And although the film itself went pretty funny and fun, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who played the main character with a sonorous name MakTraher on the set had obviously hard times. The thing is that during production of the film the young actor has not yet reached 18 years of age, so the site all the time his mother was present as the legal representative.

One can only imagine what must have felt the young man, when the director demanded from him the most plausible to portray sex, and nearby was an enthusiastic mother, wiping a handkerchief tears of emotion from acting his chadushka and cheered the young man shouts of "Bravo, son, bravo ! ". Probably, all the details of this story Christopher tells only her therapist.

Instinct led

"Basic Instinct" with Sharon Stone in the lead role was not just famous, but really a cult film, gave birth to a new genre in the film industry - an erotic thriller. We probably will not be mistaken if we assume that many people remember this movie is the famous scene where during interrogation Stone accidentally throws his legs crossed, and shocked audiences suddenly find that the main character does not have underwear. A bold move and a brilliant idea of ​​the director, do you think? Wrong. In fact, Sharon Stone to the release of the film did not know that her private parts were in the picture, and I think, was very surprised when I looked finished tape, I realized that her crotch was the main feature of "Basic Instinct".

Probably, initially the girl was supposed to demonstrate the lack of underwear to his partner on stage and the audience only subtle hints and seductive tone of voice, and naked she came to the set just because her dress was too form-fitting, and this indispensable article of clothing, like cowards, would clearly stood out under her dress. However, the directors do not deny myself the pleasure to wrap accidentally caught by the operator frame to his advantage, and this time the basic instinct of self-preservation is clearly not because he defended Sharon to her sexual organs without the knowledge of the hostess became the property of the worldwide film industry.